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#3153 Rejected AU3Check to change SciTE console results output sequence anonymous

Now AU3Check provide results (in SciTE console) for current script in the end of the sequence of the output test results (after errors/warnings in the includes).

If results for current script can be in the beginning of list, it should be more convenient...

#2016 Fixed AU3Check will fail with DllCallAddress thesnoW

the parm number of DllCallAddress too small. dllcall is 255,but DllCallAddress only 6...

#Include <WinAPIEx.au3> $hm=_WinAPI_LoadLibrary('user32.dll') $x=_WinAPI_GetProcAddress($hm,'MessageBoxW') DllCallAddress('long',$x,'hwnd',0,'wstr','too samll','wstr','TEST','int',32)

#1239 Fixed AU3Check, #include "..", library scan order. Valik anonymous

AU3Check library scan order for "includeMe.au3" files seems to be: Script directory, Standard library, User-defined. instead of Script directory, User-defined, Standard library. AU3Check ( (AutoIt3:

trying to access a user-lib function suddenly fails when a empty file with the same name is placed in the standard-lib folder.

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