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#2340 Completed _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort changes sort parameter variable value guinness BrewManNH

In reference to this thread, I noticed that the function, _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort, is changing the value of the variable passed to the function after it's done with sorting the listview.

What this does is it arbitrarily changes a value that a user passes it in their script, without telling them that it does so, and for no discernible reason, that I can see. It's inverting the value of the $vDescending variable, which is passed ByRef, from true to false or from false to true, after it has sorted the listview and recreated it. This, in my opinion, shouldn't be happening, because it can cause issues with code that uses this sort especially since it's not mentioned anywhere that it's doing this.

This section of code should be removed unless someone can explain why it's necessary, or why it's good practice.

If (IsArray($vDescending)) Then
	$vDescending[$iCol] = Not $b_desc
	$vDescending = Not $b_desc
#2348 Fixed FileConstants.au3 doesn't have a constant for Option 8 for FileOpen BrewManNH

There's no constant inside the FileConstants file that corresponds to the FileOpen option 8, 8 = Create directory structure if it doesn't exist. These are all that exist inside the file.

; Indicates the mode to open a file
Global Const $FO_READ = 0 ; Read mode
Global Const $FO_APPEND = 1 ; Write mode (append)
Global Const $FO_OVERWRITE = 2 ; Write mode (erase previous contents)
Global Const $FO_BINARY = 16 ; Read/Write mode binary
Global Const $FO_UNICODE = 32 ; Write mode Unicode UTF16-LE
Global Const $FO_UTF16_LE = 32 ; Write mode Unicode UTF16-LE
Global Const $FO_UTF16_BE = 64 ; Write mode Unicode UTF16-BE
Global Const $FO_UTF8 = 128 ; Read/Write mode UTF8 with BOM
Global Const $FO_UTF8_NOBOM = 256 ; Read/Write mode UTF8 with no BOM

There are these though, but the first one is for the file open and save dialog functions, and the second is a file attribute, and their names wouldn't match up with the names for the other constants.

Global Const $FD_PROMPTCREATENEW = 8 ; Prompt to create new file
Global Const $FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE = 0x00001000
#2350 Fixed Strange issue when using $SS_ETCHEDVERT and $SS_ETCHEDHORZ Jon BrewManNH

If you run the code below, you will see that $SS_ETCHEDVERT will create a static control 2 pixels wide on the left side of where the label control is supposed to be. If you minimize the window, and then restore the it, the appearance of the label has changed to appear to be using the $SS_ETCHEDFRAME style. Using the AU3Info tool I can see that the control's style doesn't change, just the appearance. If you uncomment any of the other lines that use the GUICtrlCreateLabel function, and comment the *VERT line, you will see it happens with the *HORZ style as well.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>

Func Example()
	Local $widthCell, $msg
	GUICreate("My GUI")
	$widthCell = 70
;~ 	GUICtrlCreateLabel("Line 1 Cell 1", 10, 30, $widthCell, 80, $SS_ETCHEDHORZ)
	GUICtrlCreateLabel("Line 1 Cell 1", 10, 30, $widthCell, 80, $SS_ETCHEDVERT)
;~ 	GUICtrlCreateLabel("Line 1 Cell 1", 10, 30, $widthCell, 80, $SS_ETCHEDFRAME)
		$msg = GUIGetMsg()
	Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
EndFunc   ;==>Example

This occurs using AutoIt and

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