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#3989 Wont Fix SplashOff() not being parsed correctly by SyntaxCheck Prod and Tidy GUIDTracker

I have noticed that both the Syntax Checker and Tidy programs used in SciTE don't parse the SplashOff command correctly (my understanding anyway). The Help text lists command as requiring trailing parenthesis ie. 'SplashOff ()', however, both Syntax Checker and Tidy ignore the trailing parenthesis. Scripts both tidy and compile successfully without throwing an error but leaving off the trailing parenthesis with the SplashOff command seems to break the script - see my attached example.

#3988 Completed _WinAPI_GetSystemPowerStatus does not provide full stats on Win 10 Jpm Nine

Starting from Win10, the forth byte of the structure returned by GetSystemPowerStatus function is now use to detect SystemStatusFlag (0 / 1).

See :

Array returned from _WinAPI_GetSystemPowerStatus should be adjusted accordingly.

#3987 No Bug Aut2Exe creates a temp folder without deleting it lwc
Description added:

- Changed: Compiling uses a subfolder of %localappdata% instead of %temp% for temporary files. Hopefully this fixes warnings from over-zealous AV.

However, #2936 admitted it was (secretly) reverted in v3.3.12.0 though I wonder why.

But all I ask is at least is just like v3.3.10.1 "Fixed: Aut2Exe was leaving a temporary file around.", please at least delete the folder of %LocalAppData%\AutoIt v3\ after finishing running the temp files there in Aut2exe (at least through SciTE=>Tools=>Build).

Otherwise it prevents AutoIt from being considered a fully portable software.

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