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#3756 No Bug send() bug with individual spanish apostrophe ( ´ ) mlwainsten@…

When you try to send this individual character ´ followed by another letter, the letter gets accentuated. This could be resolved by pressing ´ followed by a space when the individual character is found

´ -> á
#3755 Fixed _ArrayInsert fails with Error 3 when the Insert Positions parameter is a delimited string Melba23 AlanParry

For example, if the Insert Positions parameter $vValue is "7;10" _ArrayInsert fails with Error code 3.

The reason is that when _ArrayInsert compares the insertion points to check that they are in ascending order, what it compares are the string representation of the numbers and guess what: "7" is NOT less than "10"

#3754 Fixed Help File Error anonymous

Hello, in the help file, the MouseClickDrag parameters is missing the LEFT button option, below "The button to click:".

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