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#334 Wont Fix Sqlite UDF and Vista64 Dschingis

The example from helpfile for _Sqlite_StartUp() works fine for 32bit executables even under Vista64. If executed with 64bit executables under Windows Vista 64 SP1 it does not work. @error set to 1, dll cannot be opened.

#335 Rejected Sample Code, Help File, covering ToolTip( ) rthilo


I'd like to suggest to slightly modify the example code for ToolTip():

; This will create a tooltip in the upper left of the screen
ToolTip("This is a tooltip text", 0, 0,"Title of Tooltip",1)

; A tooltip needs to be cleared:
MsgBox(0,'Tooltips will display infinite', 'Use' & @LF & 'ToolTip("",0,0)' & @LF & 'to clear a displayed tooltip.')
ToolTip("",0,0) ; clear away the tooltip

MsgBox(0,"Tooltip cleared away","Klick OK")

Regards, Rudi.

#336 Rejected Add DirGetTime function fherrero@…

I think a good idea add DirGetTime function. I need this and "simulated" by this code:

Func DirGetTime ($path, $option = 0, $format = 0)

Local $FSO = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Local $Folder = $FSO.GetFolder($path) Local $date Switch $option

Case 0

$date = $Folder.DateLastModified()

Case 1

$date = $Folder.DateCreated()

Case Else

$date = $Folder.DateLastAccessed()

EndSwitch If $format = 0 Then

$date = StringRegExp($date, "(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2})", 1)

EndIf Return $date


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