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#3622 No Bug AU3_ControlCommandByHandle FindString in ListBox ctrirxu@…

AU3_ControlCommandByHandle FindString in ListBox return 0 if not found as the ListBox is 0 based.

Should return -1 like ::SendMessage(h, LB_FINDSTRINGEXACT, 0, L"") does

#3718 No Bug AU3_ControlSend of AutoItX3_x64.dll doesn't work properly mvptest k.schaefer@…

Hi, I read a lot on your page about autoit and how to use it. In my code I use the .dll of autoit to perform some automization. Unfortunately if I use the AU3_ControlSend function which should send some keystrokes to a specific window, it just only send keystrokes to the current active window even tough I send the right windowhandle. I tested it with the command AU3_WinCloseByHandle and sended the handle and it closed like exepected the right not active window. The function to get the window handle get only called once, I debugged the function and it never get called again after initialization.

My code around it looks like: AU3_ControlSend(s_handle, nullptr, L"{DOWN}"); As I read before, I don't need to specify a control handle to perform the call properly and the mode is in default 0.

#663 Fixed AU3_PixelChecksum returns 0x80000000 if more than that Jon Hollinar

While making a c++ program to automate something, I ran into this problem. The DLL returns 0x8000000 if the checksum is more than that. I've searched the bug tracker for this problem and noticed a previous report where you wrote that it works for you. I've tried the same au3 script as was added to that report, and it doesn't end up with a value more than 0x80000000 so it doesn't cause the problem. However, the slightly modified version I've attached DOES cause the problem, using both AND The problem is, it doesn't cause the problem every time because each checksum is different.

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