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#337 Works For Me TraySetIcon causes read only error Queue

TraySetIcon causes read-only error when loading icon from read-only resource. Example:

TraySetIcon(@AutoItExe, 164)

In this example, if the compiled script resides on a flash drive that has a read-only switch set to read-only, and the script is run in certain WinXP environments, a windows error message pops up halting script execution (the choices are "Continue," "Try Again" and "Cancel;" Continue or Cancel will continue script parsing without error, Try Again simply pops the message up again).

The error also occurs with an uncompiled script if the AutoIt executable is located on the read-only media.

Note this error doesn't seem to occur on Win98SE or Vista Home 32-bit SP1. The environment where I encounter this error is WinXP Pro SP3 on a full administrator account.

#340 Rejected Marquee progress bar Túlio

Add the ability to use marquee progress bars on ProgressOn, and to set the speed of the marquee on ProgressSet

Also use GUICtrlSetData to set the speed of bars embedded in GUIs

PS: This is available trought setting the progress style to 0x8 (undocumented) and using DllCall("user32.dll", "lparam", "SendMessage", "hwnd", GUICtrlGetHandle($controlID), "int", 0x40A, "wparam", (Boolean on/off), "lparam", (speed in ms)) to set the speed

#341 Rejected Extend TraySetIcon() undocumented keywords Queue

Currently TraySetIcon() supports 5 (seemingly) undocumented internally defined keywords: blank info question stop warning

For example, TraySetIcon("blank") sets the blank icon (normally used for making the tray icon blink ) as the primary tray icon without needing to specify a filename or icon index number. The other 4 keywords seem to load messagebox icons (from user32.exe?).

My requested feature is to add "normal" and "pause" as keywords specifying the normal and paused tray icons as well as a keyword for the 4th interal AutoIt icon (I'm unsure of its purpose; it's a square with a plus in the center). "normal" would be primarily for use with TraySetPauseIcon().

It would also make sense to add these kywords to the documentation; they're quite handy.

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