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#3130 Rejected Crash since AutoIT3.3.14x on call COM-Object winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 th.edlinger@…

I use following code for doing HTTP-POST-requests:

Local $obj_HTTP
Local $str_answer_content
Local $str_answer_status
Local $str_return
Local Const $val_timeout_resolve = 5000
Local Const $val_timeout_connect = 5000
Local Const $val_timeout_send = 5000
Local Const $val_timeout_receive = 5000

; Creating the HTTP-Object
$obj_HTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
$obj_HTTP.Open("POST", $str_adress, False)
$obj_HTTP.SetTimeouts($val_timeout_resolve , $val_timeout_connect , $val_timeout_send , $val_timeout_receive)
$obj_HTTP.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")

; Performing the Request

; Download the body response if any, and get the server status response code.
$str_answer_content = $obj_HTTP.ResponseText
$str_answer_status = $obj_HTTP.Status

; Return (and check status-code)
If $str_answer_status <> 200 then
	$str_return = 0
	Return $str_return
	$str_return = $str_answer_content
	Return $str_answer_content

The server answer with the current memory-load. If the webserver is down, zero will be returned. Since AutoIT version 3.3.14.x the skript crashes while the server is down, so i have to use an error-handler (i know it isn't very nice). All works fine if i compile the same code with AutoIT version Is there any change between this versions because i can't find one in the official changelog.

#2021 No Bug FF.au3 tele@…


I'have this same problem

_FFXpath("", "textContent")

If copy fropm web page ę , ó ,ć, ż I have rectangles

#827 Rejected _DateDayOfWeek Gary tayoufabrice@…

why the _DateDayOfWeek do not return the date in the environnement language

in my case _DateDayOfWeek ( 1) = "Monday" False

_DateDayOfWeek ( 1) = "Lundi" True because I am francisant

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