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#3752 Rejected Making mod() an infix operator Robinson1 <Djamana@…>

That ticket is about the AutoIT Language parser.

In short:


Mod as well as BitAND, BitOR, BitXOR, BitXOR, BitShift, BitRotate

What if:

$result = 3 mod 2

works as well as

$result = Mod(3,2)

currently does.

In more detail

the idea of this ticket is to propose to also have for function/operators BitAND, BitOR, BitXOR, BitXOR, BitShift, BitRotate and Mod also an infix version?

... like it is in most other common programming languages it is. For example JavaScript:

Result = Value & Mask

And vs BitAnd()

Concerning this the situation in AutoIT is at the moment a little 'unique'. While the logical And is indeed infix:

$bIsEnable = $bIsGUI_chkEnabled and $bIsGUI_chkChecked

for the Bitwise pendant BitAnd it is not:

$Result = BitAND ( $Value , $Mask )

(Instead it's a prefix operator - like most the other functions)

So I wonder why it is like this. Question 1:

What is the idea about this language design decision?

Okay Autoit is a matured Language but yeah it's never to late for a change.

Question 2: Wasn't there any tries to unify that before?

So what about also making the 'Bit' operations infix as well. ... while of course keeping the 'old' prefix version -for backwards compatibility - . It won't break anything, but in my eyes is a big improvement regarding style and intuitivity of Autoit.

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