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#1042 Wont Fix AURecord has problems with save/save as Jon anonymous

AutoIt3.exe AU3Record.exe Windows 2008 english 64-Bit

"Save As" or "Save" in AU3Record.exe using the name "Test.au3" saves "b.au3" instead.

Canceling "Save AutoIt Script" dialog saves(!) "l.au3" and so on.

#2766 No Bug AUTOIT forum confirmation not send. anonymous

Well i registered with the user TYO1 Whatever I try i cannot validate my account using a hotmail And thus i am unable to post on the forum.

Validation Email dont get into spam folder, they just dont arrive.

I hope this reaches some website admin, as i cannt reach them otherwise.

#2241 No Bug AUTOIT3 cannot automate installing softwares while screen is locked zousheng888@…

AUTOIT3 is a great software. By automating it saves us a lot of time. But here is a problem I want to pose. When I am installing a huge software it takes a lot of time, during which time I tend to walk away and do something else other than waiting beside the computer. However, for security reasons, most of the time I will lock my computer (SHORTCUT: WIN+L) if I am away. I found functions such as "WinAvtivate" cannot be used when the screen is locked. Can AUTOIT3 support GUI manipulations at such circumstances? If yes, what functions should I use? If not, are there any methods by which I can still accomplish the automation task?

Many thanks for any reply.

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