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#349 Rejected guiconstants.au3 jennico

i would like to continue the discussion about the gui constants.

i also cannot understand the reason why guiconstants.au3 cannot be used anymore. just think of all the example scripts here in the forum or on your hard disk !!! like 80% of them contain guiconstants.au3 !

furthermore there is no sense in changing it, because before everyone could always choose to include all guiconstants or the single control constant or even script without includes by just using the values, like i like to do it.

the recent changes are unnecessary and will only cause confusion you can already notice it in the forums.

so please for the next version: re-add the guiconstants please !

just think of all the very useful example scripts that cannot be executed at once without conversions !


#352 Works For Me v3.2.12.0 + RegRead (REG_MULTI_SZ) Stéphane

if you try to read a REG_MULTI_SZ realy big key > 255 chars, RegRead returns nothing and @error is set to -2, smaller keys are read correctly

#353 No Bug Aut2exe adding weird blank icons to compiled apps corz

I have recently upgraded my AutoIt installation (from to and I've discovered what looks like a bug in Aut2exe; it's adding blank 16x16x16 icons into the compiled application, at id#2 (after the main application icon).

If other icons are added to the application, e.g. document icons (with AutoIt3Wrapper) their id's are shifted up by one, and the document icon (or whatever) appears incorrectly on the user's system - in a defaulticon registry setting, for example, but it's true of any place that might reference one of the application's icons by its standard windows id.

I guessed it might be a lack of 16x16x16 format icon in my own application icons, but even using Aut2exe without AutoIt3Wrapper and no compile option whatsoever, this extra blank icon appears, and the AutoIt default icon has the 16x16x16 format, so that's not the reason, not that that would be a good reason!

I've searched the forum, documentation and history, and I can't find any mention of this extra icon's purpose, other than to mess up all the icon id's. Is this a bug?

I don't want to go implementing changes to my application's installers to fix all these references to something that's just going to be fixed back again. If it's going to be fixed, I could instead temporarily remove this weird blank icon from compiled applications until it's fixed, which though a pain (I always have to go into ResHacker anyway), would be preferable for end-users.

;o) (or

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