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#191 No Bug Aut2Exe adds aditional empty icon into EXE Zedna

I discovered BUG in Aut2Exe. In latest beta it places into compiled EXE new aditional icon with ordinal name 10 16x16 16 colors (second icongroup seen in reshacker). Note: In 3.2.10 it was OK.

Here is simple script: [code]MsgBox(0,,@AutoItVersion)code When I compile it with AutoIt 3.2.10 it's OK When I compile it AutoIt beta there is new empty second icon and original second/third icons are moved (their position inside EXE is +1) output is shown on pictures a0_10, a0_11

The same result is also with Auto3Wrapper example like that: [code]#AutoIt3Wrapper_icon=my_icon.ico MsgBox(0,,@AutoItVersion)code output is shown on pictures a10, a11

There is more complicated script: [code]#AutoIt3Wrapper_Icon=log_view.ico #AutoIt3Wrapper_useupx=n #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_after=ResHacker.exe -add %out%, %out%, ikony.res , #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_after=upx.exe --best --compress-icons=0 "%out%"code where are more my own icons embeded in my EXE and their positions inside EXE compiled by latest beta is wrong. output is shown on pictures l10, l11

#192 No Bug Version column on is outdated in "Create New Ticket" Zedna

Version column on is outdated in "Create New Ticket" There is "latest" version but in fact latest version should be

#193 Fixed guictrldelete on context menu already deleted causes win32 exception Jpm MeJonah@…

Attempting to use guictrldelete on a control created by guictrlcreatecontextmenu() which had already been deleted (yes, I know, if I were tracking better that should never happen) causes an "unhandled win32 exception" and a crash. The behavior is repeatable in, but does not occur in 3.2.10.

Example code:

#include <guitreeview.au3>

$gui = guicreate("TEST", 500, 500)
$treeview = guictrlcreatetreeview(0, 0, 500, 500)

$control = guictrlcreatetreeviewitem("TEST", $treeview)

$context = guictrlcreatecontextmenu($control)
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("Random", $context)
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("Word", $context)
;seems to
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("Another", $context)
;hate similar lines
$item = guictrlcreatemenuitem("One", $context)

;blank line to try to defeat filter


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