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#354 Rejected Transparency with images anonymous

Transparency with autoit is different on computers based on that computers color settings. To me this seems like a serious flaw because in designing an app you can't take into consideration what colors someone could set which can make your app look very ugly. I saw a post once which suggested an option that allows you to define which color you want an option of instead of setting GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, $GUI_BKCOLOR_TRANSPARENT), with an image you can put GUICtrlSetTransparent(-1, 0xff0000). To me that seems like a great idea and generally makes sense. Also allows someone not to have to fiddle with transparency in an image editor.

Original post:

#356 No Bug ConsoleWrite not working on Vista. Tlem

Perhaps I made something wrong, but on Vista this code doesn't work :

Local $var = "Test"
ConsoleWrite("var=" & $var & @CRLF)

Even if I try other writing methods ... If I put #RequireAdmin it doesn't work anymore ... It will be probably necessery to have a look on all consolexxx command on Vista and Windows 2008.

I Don't know if it's AutoIt or Scite4AutoIt !!!

Tanks for your work

#359 Works For Me Autoit Info Window anonymous

There is some type of bug with the info window. It keeps freezing up every once in a while for seemingly no reason. I can't tell you exactly where the problem is or what is making it freeze (Program not responding) and needing to shut down. The best I can say is simply after a period of time, it just stops responding, I don't know how long, but basically when I go back to check a control, it's simply not responding.

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