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#527 Works For Me Abend 0xC0000005 at 7C9109F9 in Aut2exe.exe (ntdll.dll) Spiff59

The attached (unfinished) code runs interpretively out of SciTe, but causes a crash when you attempt to compile it. This seems to be related to page/file size, as changing ANY line of code in the script allows for a successful compile. I've changed the code and things are working fine for me now, but I thought you might like to see a condition that can cause aut2exe.exe to crash. Thanks.

#1735 Rejected Ability To Change User Agent String For Embedded IE (will pay) electro

I have a great need to be able to change the user agent string for embedded browser objects. Currently to accomplish this in autoit requires modifying the registry as Admin. I know this can be done without admin as the user agent string for an IE object can programatically be changed without modifying the system. Reference this discussion:

I would be willing to pay for this modification to autoit. Please contact jordan@… . thank you.

#416 Rejected Ability to Hide all errors (or write them to a log) anonymous

The reason I ask for this is for the company I work for, one of the big things they look for in scripts is so that even if it crashes and burns, it will not bother the end user.

In a few other scripting languages I've used there have been options to write all errors to a log and not display them, and this is what I am asking for.

I know that you may be hesitant to put this in, as it could also be useful for malware not alerting users to it's presence, but there are so many other options for that that I don't think it's prohibitive.

I understand that the vast majority of errors can be caught and handled with good coding, but there are some that I don't believe can be done this way, and that is why I make this request.

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