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#732 Fixed AutoUpdateIt.au3 Valik Volly

I was looking at the script for my rebuild of AutoIt 1 2 3, and noticed this warning message when I ran the script from SciTE:

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Extras\AutoUpdateIt\AutoUpdateIt.au3(694,37) : WARNING: $res possibly not declared/created yet
		$res = RegRead($sKeyname, $sValue)

I added the following to make it the first line in the function:

local $res

This corrected the issue.

Version of AutoIt installed: Beta:

#733 Fixed Docs mistake in _GUICtrlButton_SetImage/List() Gary MrCreatoR

The description of _GUICtrlButton_SetImage/List() sais this:

Sets the check state of a radio button or check box

But as i see it, should be something like this:

Sets the image(list) for the specified button


This mistake is also found in the SciTE's calltips, and also in the docs of the function itself (the same in _GUICtrlButton_SetImage, and in the _GUICtrlButton_SetImageList UDF).


#740 Fixed Regression in DllStructSetData() Valik Valik

Strings, re-using buffers, not NULL terminated. Fix fix.

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