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#386 Wont Fix Notification about "Announcements and Site News" on Italian MsCreatoR <mscreator@…>
  • This is a "forum related" bug.

I recieving the notification of "Announcements and Site News" to my email on Italian (i think it's Italian).

Here is a part of that message:

Title: Notifica di Nuova Discussione ad un forum a cui sei iscritto ( AutoIt Forums )



Jon ha aperto una nuova discussione dal titolo "AutoIt v3.2.12.1 (Beta) Released" nel forum "Announcements and Site News".

I am viewing the English version of the forum.

BTW: sometimes the same happens with standard notification about subscribed topics/forums.

Forum Topic:


#389 No Bug ProcessExists or ProcessWaitClose anixon

The following process fails to stop script execution when Outlook has previously been opened and closed by a user in Windows Vista.

#include <INet.au3>;Email Processor

$Address = "anyone@…" $Subject = "Application Number: " $Body = "The detail is as follows: " $PID = (_INetMail($Address, $Subject, $Body))

ProcessWaitClose($Pid) msgbox(0,"","I waited like the good script I am") Exit

The reason for this is that oulook.exe is still listed as a running process as reported by "Task Manager - Processes".

If you 'End Process" outlook.exe in Task Manager - Processes then when running the "ProcessWaitClose' script it pauses execution whilst Outlook.exe has been launched by _INetMail.

To remedy this perhaps registry should be read HKCR\mailto\shell\open\command\"default value" to determine the name of the default executable [outlook.exe or msmn.exe] Email client and close any running processes.

My guess is that the Windows mail client continues to run to manage desktop delivery processing

#391 Rejected TreeView to just accept select in the checkboxes Wooltown

I want a feature in treeview, just accepting that you click in the checkboxes to make them selected.

Normally you can click anywhere on the text, but I would like just to have the checkbox to make it selected, is it possible ?

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