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#743 Fixed TrayItemGetHandle crashes the script Jpm MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>

When we trying to use TrayItemGetHandle() on wrong ID (not created by TrayCreateItem()), it cashing the script.

Can be reproduced easily:

TrayItemGetHandle(3) ;4 or 100000 instead of 3 also will crash.

Forum topic where the bug found (by rasim).

P.S Tested also on, so it must be an old bug.

#748 Fixed DllCall crashing the script on wrong dll file name (VarType) Jpm MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>

I know this is a wrong usage of the function, but as i said before, in my opinion function should not cause a hard-crash of the script.

This is a quick/simple reproduction:

DllCall(0, "int", "Function", "int", 0, "int", 0)

If we use "" (empty string) instead of 0 (or even -1 will crash) in the file name, then it will not crash.

This can happen when user will call UDF function that relies on Dll name from global variable, as it happens with _GDIPlus_* UDFs if the user doesn't set _GDIPlus_Startup().

Forum topic


#750 Fixed SciTE "toggle all folds" shows not all functions Jos TinyBoy

Toggle the following code and you'll see the begin of first function and end of third function.

Local $city Test("Greece") MsgBox(0, "Capital city is ", $city) Func Test($Country)

If $Country = "Greece" Then Assign("City", "Athen")

EndFunc ;==>Test Func test1() EndFunc ;==>test1 Func test2() EndFunc ;==>test2

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