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#397 Rejected Editor mlloz

I suggest to create a special editor instead of scite for writing scripts, which implies all features that scite supports like 'Run Scripts', 'Debug', 'Complie', 'Resource Update', and all other features

#398 No Bug Compiles Scripts won't run with Config of exact same name ChrisA

Our company's naming convention for configuration files is ProgramName.exe.config - so following the company standards I named a script's config file AutoUpdateTMC.exe.config.

When I compile the script it makes the exe without any issues.

When I run the exe I get an error that states:

The Application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

If I rename either the AutoUpdateTMC.exe or the AutoupdateTMC.exe.config to anything else it works.

So I decided to go back to conventional names and simply called the config AutoUpdateTMC.config and now it works fine.

#399 No Bug Advanced Mode with GuiCtrlRead for Context Menu anonymous

With AutoIt, it always return "-1" instead of the text of the control (Context Menu)

It work perfectly with

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