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#3514 Completed Add a treeview UDF calling $TVGN_LASTVISIBLE Jpm Crazy

According to MSDN, there is a macro using TVGN_LASTVISIBLE:


Retrieves the last expanded item in a tree-view control. This does not retrieve the last item visible in the tree-view window. You can use this macro, or you can explicitly send the TVM_GETNEXTITEM message with the TVGN_LASTVISIBLE flag.

However, this functionality seems not included in GuiTreeView.au3. Its definition is somehow not consistent to TreeView_GetFirstVisible. How about adding a UDF named _GUICtrlTreeView_GetLastVisible or _GUICtrlTreeView_GetLastExpandedItem? Its implementation may look like:

Func _GUICtrlTreeView_GetLastVisible($hWnd)

If Not IsHWnd($hWnd) Then $hWnd = GUICtrlGetHandle($hWnd)

Return _SendMessage($hWnd, $TVM_GETNEXTITEM, $TVGN_LaSTVISIBLE, 0, 0, "wparam", "lparam", "handle")

EndFunc ;==>_GUICtrlTreeView_GetLastVisible

#2194 Works For Me _IECreate() Hidden Flag Not working IE8+ Crazyace

$oIE = _IECreate("",0 ,0)

The code above will open Google in the browser but it will not hide the IE Window.

#2642 No Bug The function Hex() returns the wrong value Cythor

The code says all what I mean.

$var = BitAND(1529, 65280) / 256 ; = 5
ConsoleWrite(Hex($var) & @CRLF) ; ?
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