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#298 Rejected Active Directory & Groups umoshe0@…


First let me tell you that you have an awsome program. i have few major requests:

  1. interface for mysql and ms sql
  2. active directory functions
  3. "in group" like functions similr to kix

please hurry up with this

10x udi

#124 Rejected Active Directory Integration - being able to query/enumerate AD objects ctwoodward@…

It would be a great feature addition (and I imagine by no means simple) to be able to work with Active Directory (Or Any LDAP I guess). Read only access would be fine. Being able to enumerate OUs and CNs similar to RegEnumValue and RegEnumKey.

#906 Fixed ActiveX Control on a GUI gets incorrect size information when queried Valik rgreer@…

If an MFC ActiveX Control makes a call to

COleControl::GetControlSize(int* pcx,
   int* pcy )

, it is supposed to return the control's width and height. If the control is attached to an AutoIT GUI:

Local $oObject = ObjCreate("MFCActiveX.Control.1")
Local $GUIMain = GUICreate("Test", 800,600,0,0)
GUICtrlCreateObj($oObject, 0,0,800,600)

It always returns x=100, y=50.

In any other container (.NET, VB, C++/MFC), this control correctly gives the height/width.

I can attach a sample MFC project that demonstrates this, or you can create one from scratch and add the following code somewhere in the control:

int iControlWidth, iControlHeight;
CString sControlDimensions;
GetControlSize(&iControlWidth, &iControlHeight);

sControlDimensions.Format(L"Width: %d Height: %d",iControlWidth, iControlHeight);


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