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#401 Rejected Karma / Thanks Mod anonymous

Could we get a Karma or a Thanks mod for the forums? Somebody helps you, or makes something great, could we rate them for it? I'm sure it would push more scripts..

#402 Fixed Execute crashe on failure in production version martin

Execute crashes rather than returning "" on failure in production version Example Execute("Caps Lock") or Execute("$a b")

#403 No Bug Different results for both for loops anonymous

The two available for loops create different results, when nummeric values are used. works as expected (results are numerical values), creates string values from numeric data types. I would expect both loops to do the same in this case.

;For loops create different results with numeric arrays
Dim $Array1[2]
Dim $Array2[2]

For $Item in $Array1
	$Item = 5

For $Index = 0 to 1
	$Array2[$Index] = 5

$Result1 = "Array1[0] is String: " & IsString($Array1[0]) & ", is Number: " & IsNumber($Array1[0])
$Result2 = "Array2[0] is String: " & IsString($Array2[0]) & ", is Number: " & IsNumber($Array2[0])

MsgBox(0, "For loop results", $Result1 & @CR & $Result2)
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