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#2964 Fixed $tagWNDCLASS Melba23 Cythor

Hello! :)

The $tagWNDCLASS struct in the WinAPISys.au3 is wrong.

$tagWNDCLASS = 'uint Size;uint Style;ptr hWndProc;int ClsExtra;int WndExtra;ptr hInstance;ptr hIcon;ptr hCursor;ptr hBackground;ptr MenuName;ptr ClassName;ptr hIconSm'

Look here:

The Size and hIconSm elements are not given.

#2267 Rejected Eval Flag (new Feature Request) DXRW4E

At present Eval() Returns the value of the variable, and possible to add a flag, so as to return the pointer of the variable, pointer to be used in autoit fuction with the ByRef

Eval() works really fast, in a test with a 200 MB array, works in about 0.040 seconds, so the speed is not the problem, but the memory in use

:example ;example $XArray[1000000] size 100 MB Assign("$Array", $XArray, 2) ;;Once you have created the $Array, suppose that $XArray = ""

Global $a = Eval("Array") Test($s) ;I have to take by force the $a, so that after use with ByRef, so in this case it uses 200 MB of memory

Func Test(ByRef $c) ect ect EndFunc

;it would be really nice to do so Global $b = Eval("Array", 1) ;only return the pointer of $Array, pointer that is Ok with the ByRef mod

Test($b) Func Test(ByRef $a) ect ect EndFunc

Sorry for my English

#2562 Fixed StringRegExp & Null character Jon DXRW4E

I've noticed that even the StringRegExp (StringRegExpReplace is Ok, even StringSplit is Ok that return array) that does not seem OK

local $b, $a = StringRegExp("aaa" & chr(0) & "bbbccc", 'aaa\x00bbb', 1) $b = @extended ConsoleWrite("@extended - " & $b & @LF) ConsoleWrite("StringLen - " & StringLen($a[0]) & @LF) exit

;~ >Running:(\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Beta\autoit3.exe "C:\Users\DXRW4E\Desktop\New AutoIt v3 Script.au3" ;~ --> Press Ctrl+Alt+F5 to Restart or Ctrl+Break to Stop ;~ @extended - 8 ;~ StringLen - 3 ;~ +>08:31:35 AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:0 ;~ >Exit code: 0 Time: 0.423

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