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#417 No Bug Changing function parameters on a function call serg

The folowing script consists of two files: HTTP_UDF.au3:

#include "XMLDomWrapper\_XMLDomWrapper.au3"

Func __HTML_Navigate($sURL, $sUName = "", $sPass = "", $sParam = "", $sMethod = "GET")

		; At that place is $sHTMLFile = "F:\Archiv5\SERG\Development\AutoItScripts\ScriptsSVN\Libs\HTML_UDF\Html_zmzlvdd.tmp"

And _XMLDomWrapper.au3 by Stephen Podhajecki VER: :

Func _XMLFileOpen($strXMLFile, $strNameSpc = "", $iVer = -1, $bValOnParse = True)
	; Now $strXMLFile = "F:Erchiv5rERGEevelopmenteutoItScriptsucriptsSVNcibsiTML_UDFTtml_zmzlvdd.tmp"


EndFunc   ;==>_XMLFileOpen

At no one place the value of $sHTMLFile or $strXMLFile was changed. Only the simple call of _XMLFileOpen with $sHTMLFile as $strXMLFile parameter is changing the value.

#418 No Bug GUICreate: $WS_EX_LAYERED documentation error kenn

"$WS_EX_LAYERED Creates a layered window. Note that this cannot be used for child windows."

And yet example 2 uses $WS_EX_LAYERED in a child window.

#420 No Bug Scope bug or mis-wording in documentation evilertoaster

As shown in this thread-

The For-Next loop does not always create variables in the local scope as defined by the help file. In particular, it seems to only create a local variable when the For-Next loop is in a function, but creates a global variable when the loop is outside a function.

If it is intended behavior, a slight re-wording of the help file seems in order. As it stands now-


The Variable will be created automatically with a LOCAL scope, even when MustDeclareVars is on.
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