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#724 Rejected Add Identification of file executed clive@…

Add Identification of file executed feature so that a help About type of option can be customized to display info on the version etc of the file being run.

(very nice tool indeed for my purposes - I wil be donating for sure)

#1313 Wont Fix Add Opt.htm page redirecting to AutoItSetOption.htm MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>

This issue is more related to autoit tag on the forum...

The Opt function in autoit tag on the forum is pointing to page, but it's not found (404), so the solution i think is just to add that page wich will redirect to the correct function page

Like this - Opt.htm:

	<head><meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=AutoItSetOption.htm"></head>

It can be fixed in the geshi autoit.php page, but i think this way it will be more compatible with other AutoIt related projects.

#114 Rejected Add Optional parameter to WinList - [, WinState] MsCreatoR

Add Optional parameter to WinList - [, WinState], so the returned array will include windows title/handle only with certain state (Hidden/Visible/Minimized/Maximized etc.).

For now, we need to loop thru array, and use two more functions to filter the state (BitAND() + WinGetState()).


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