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#426 Rejected Compability with cryptors & packers anonymous

AutoIt is incompatible with WinLicence v2.0 and themida 2.0+ Autoit is incompatible with the best obfuscator & cryptor - ExeCryptor. AutoIt is incompatible with other minor cryptors & packers.

I like AutoIt,I sell projects made in Autoit.Please make my life safer and easier,I want to protect my work with something better than UPX!

[i]Note:For testing purposes,I can provide you with license of these packers,I bought a few and it's not a problem for me to give you one.i

#427 Rejected add latest SciTE info to rthilo

Hello Developers Team.

What do you think about adding a section covering the latest Autoit customized SciTE version as well to this file?

I've written an autoit + beta + SciTE + some hotkeys (startmenu's .LNK properties) + SciTE customization's setup. Now I was wondering to first check (prior setup) if there are newer versions on the web. If, get them first.

Autoit and Autoit Beta are fine, but I fail with SciTE...

----- update.dat ------


[AutoItSciTE] version= index= setup= filesize=4136694 filetime=0

Regards, Rudi.

#428 No Bug avast antivirus blocking autoit as a virus fred.dixon@…

the july-03-08 virus sigs update is now blocking autoit scripts from running by not alowing autoit.exe to run. the scripts blocked are ones that i have authored for simple process kills. so avast is show a false positive in this case. cant seem to get through to avast on this issue.

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