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#140 Completed Add ToolbarWindow32 information on buttons Jpm junkew@…

Would be nice if buttons on toolbar windows are recognized or at least some initial information can be spyed on.

Some (partial) code like below retrieves some usefull information Code acts now on wordphrase like Toolbar but can imagine trigger should be something less classname dependent. (Class tested on = ToolbarWindow32)

if stringinstr($sClassname,"Toolbar") > 0 Then
	$tbCount = _GUICtrlToolbar_ButtonCount($hWnd)
	for $i=0 to $tbcount -1
		;Determine rectangle and check matching area
		$aRect = _GUICtrlToolbar_GetButtonRect ($hWnd, _GUICtrlToolbar_IndexToCommand($hWnd, $i))
		if (($mPos[0] - $wPos[0]) > $arect[0] ) and (($mPos[0] - $wPos[0]) < $arect[2] ) _
		And (($mPos[1] - $wPos[1]) > $arect[1] ) and (($mPos[1] - $wPos[1]) < $arect[3] ) Then
			$tbText = "[Index: "     & $i & _ 
			          " CommandID: " & _GUICtrlToolbar_IndexToCommand($hWnd, $i) & _
					  " text: "      & _GUICtrlToolbar_GetButtonText($hWnd, $i) & " ]"

Wishes "Must"

  • Show initially information on index, commandid, text, tooltip and area of the button where mouse is hovering over


  • Highlight/rubberband the button hovering over
#489 Rejected Add _GDIPlus_ImageSaveAddImage & _GDIPlus_ImageSaveAdd to GDIPlus.au3 smashly

_GDIPlus_ImageSaveAddImage _GDIPlus_ImageSaveAdd Both function are handy if your wanting to create or add pages to a multi-frame tif file.

Both functions are in the attached example. Functions are in the same format as found in GDIPlus.au3

#2380 Completed Add _IsDir guinness AZJIO

Often used.

If _IsDir('C:\WINDOWS') Then MsgBox(0, '', 'this folder') ; A method for checking folders
If Not (_IsDir('C:\Boot.ini') Or @error) Then MsgBox(0, '', 'this file') ; A method for checking the file

Func _IsDir($sTmp)
	$sTmp = FileGetAttrib($sTmp)
	Return SetError(@error, 0, StringInStr($sTmp, 'D', 2) > 0)
EndFunc   ;==>_IsDir
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