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#70 Fixed AutoIt3Wrapper Attempts to Update 64bit Executables Jos The Kandie Man

The AutoIt3 Wrapper is attempting to update 64bit executables. It fails because Reshacker cannot modify resources of 64bit executables. Though I didn't witness this error, UPX compression will also fail on 64bit executables. I know this because I tried to compress several 64 bit executables with the newest version of the console upx version 3.02w and it failed with the following error message:

================================================================= upx:[FileNameTo64BitExe]: CantPackException: can't pack new-exe =================================================================

To prove to myself that it wasn't the executables and upx.exe, I created a 64bit console application and then tried to pack that with upx. It gave the same error message as above.

When "Use X64 version of AutoIt3/Aut2Exe" is checked off, the AutoIt3WrapperGUI should disable the options to update the executable's resources. In addition, if conflicting directives are present, AutoIt3Wrapper.exe should not attempt to compile and it should throw a conflict in directives error message. Since UPX doesn't work on 64bit executables either, it too should also be disabled.

The reason why this bug is major is because, although the wrapper still creates a working 64bit executable script, the number of options that don't work correctly is extremely high. These options should therefore be disabled.

Since the wrapper errors out with Reshack it appears that other things don't occur. For example, I selected to update the language version of the executable. I also selected for it to compile as a 64bit executable and for it to be a "CUI in stead of a GUI EXE". Since the wrapper errors out at resource hacker, the "MakeCUI [EXENAME]" command line is never run. I also believe that the UPX command was also not run, but that is unimportant because it too would error out.

In addition, just cause we are at it Jos, you might want to change "CUI in stead of GUI EXE" to "CUI instead of GUI EXE". Grammatically more efficient. Just noticed it. ;-)

I spent over an hour writing up this error report (because I did various testing to see what was really wrong), so if I missed anything or left anything out, please let me know.

AutoIT3Wrapper_GUI.exe (ver AutoIT3Wrapper.exe (ver SciTE Version 1.75

Console Outputted the following text:

================================================================= ! Reshacker Error: [26 Jan 2008, 21:31:38]

[FileNames] Exe=[FullFilePathRemoved]\Console Test.exe SaveAs=[FullFilePathRemoved]\Console Test.exe Log=[FullFilePathRemoved]\Local Settings\Temp\ResHack.log

[Commands] -addoverwrite "[FullFilePathRemoved]\Local Settings\Temp\temp.res", , ,

Added: VERSIONINFO,1,1033

-delete 16,1,2057 Error: No matching resource found.

! Resources will not be updated!+>21:31:38 Reshacker ended.rc:0 =================================================================

AutoIt version not included because I keep switching them around. From newest version to older versions (to compile older scripts that are broken due to the updated includes). This is a wrapper bug though, so the version of AutoIt isn't that relevant.

  • The Kandie Man ;-)
#73 Fixed DirMove on different volume Valik hawkear@…

When the destination already exists and the overwrite flag is specified then the source directory will NOT be moved inside the destination, if the target is on a different volume.


DirMove("C:\Source\Subdir", "C:\Target",1)

Result: c:\Target\Subdir\testfile.txt


DirMove("C:\Source\Subdir", "D:\Target",1)

Result: d:\Target\testfile.txt Should be D:\Target\Subdir\testfile.txt

#75 Fixed _IEPropertyGet($oIE,"toolbar") Fails Valik fkennedy@…

_IEPropertyGet($oIE,"toolbar") returns a

==> The requested action with this object has failed.:

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