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#887 Fixed Errors helfile Jpm Tweaky

Hi, there are a lot of erros in the helpfile for

In the file "...\autoit-docs-v3.3.0.0-src\docs\autoit\english\txt2htm\readme.txt" says "DO NOT LEAVE ANY BLANK LINE BETWEEN HERE AND "@@END@@""

But there are many files were a blank line is.

There are many files with blank tables at "Parameters". For example "_ClipBoard_CountFormats"

In the helpfile are under "Related Functions" Functions. For these "related functions" should be then again a "back reference" to the other functions. But this is missing at some functions.

All errors are listed in the attached file.

I hope you know what I mean. If not you can ask me

#888 Fixed error with Send("{}}") under winXP Jpm pcn@…

Hello & thanks for looking at this. My problem is:

Send("{}}") produces the following ouput:

[null] }

(i.e. null character before right curly brace) in several text editors including notepad, notepad++, and SciTE4AutoIT3. (It should produce the right curly brace with no null character.) This error does not happen with Send("{{}") (i.e. left curly brace) or any other keystrokes I have used. This problem also occurs on my brother's machine.

My current workaround is Send("}",1) (i.e. send it "raw"), but the above problem appears to be a bug.

My environment info is: Environment = under WIN_XP/Service Pack 3 X86

#897 Fixed StringToASCIIArray() does not work correctly with binary data. Valik Valik

I need to fix StringToASCIIArray() to properly support binary data, otherwise the encoding parameter is useless.

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