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#1038 Rejected Add icon to menu item anonymous

I want to add icon to the menu items, like this in ahk: It can set vista style menu icon and set the size of the icon.

#2998 Completed Add key #03 to _IsPressed() in the Help file guinness Willichan <davidearlwilliams@…>

In the Help file, the listing of keys for _IsPressed() in the Misc.au3 UDF does not include #03. #03 corresponds to Ctrl-Break on all of the keyboards I have tested on.

Since this falls in the middle of the mouse button "keys" it might help avoid errors for someone looking to check for mouse button presses if they knew that #03 was not a mouse button.

#2647 Completed Add line count of FileReadToArray to @extended Jon BrewManNH

The function FileReadToArray doesn't return the count of the lines that were read in, so you have to use UBound to get this information or use _FileReadToArray.

My request is to add the line count by setting the @extended variable to the count of lines returned. This wouldn't be a script breaking change, as the current function doesn't use @extended for anything. It's also not unprecedented, as there are other functions that use @extended for similar features, such as the number of bytes downloaded in the InetRead function, StringRegExpReplace uses it for the number of replacements made, etc.

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