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#494 Rejected Add more resource functions to WinAPI.au3 smashly

_WinAPI_FindResource _WinAPI_FindResourceEx _WinAPI_SizeOfResource _WinAPI_LoadResource _WinAPI_LockResource _WinAPI_FreeResource

Have attached the above functions to ticket. They may need alterations, the basics of them are working ok.

#2346 Completed Add native FileSetEnd() based on _WinAPI_SetEndOfFile() Jon Zedna

In native AutoIt there were added FileSetPos,FileGePos so the only one missing native file operation is FileSetEnd.

FileSeEnd can be used (together with FileSetPos) to change size of file (truncating or expanding). Example for this is in HelpFile example for _WinAPI_SetEndOfFile()

Set of all file operation UDF/native functions:

_WinAPI_CloseHandle - FileClose _WinAPI_CreateFile _WinAPI_FlushFileBuffers - FileFlush _WinAPI_GetFileSizeEx - FileGetSize _WinAPI_ReadFile - FileRead _WinAPI_SetEndOfFile _WinAPI_SetFilePointer - FileSetPos _WinAPI_WriteFile - FileWrite


Example for change file size by UDF:

#include <WinAPI.au3>

; truncate file size to 12 bytes
$hFile = _WinAPI_CreateFile('test.txt', 2, 4)
_WinAPI_SetFilePointer($hFile, 12)

#3148 Rejected Add new events to GUIGetMsg() anonymous

Please add new event to GUIGetMsg() : $GUI_EVENT_PRIMARYDOUBLECLICK: primary mouse button double click.

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