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#134 No Bug Add support for COM events to take ByRef parameters Valik Valik

We need to support objects being passed to COM events by reference. The attached script contains an example using Word. The comments at the top explain how to use the script and what to expect.

#3649 Fixed Add the word glob to docs for search engines Jos anonymous

People coming from other languages may search for the words "glob" or "file globbing" when they are looking for how to loop through a list of files matching a wildcard pattern. What they are looking for is likely to be the functions _FileListToArray and/or _FileListToArrayRec.

Please consider adding some wording about "file globbing" to the docs for those functions, so that when people google phrases like "autoit glob" or "autoit file globbing" they will end up finding these functions easily.

#492 Rejected Add to GDIPlus Image functions for retrieving frames from multi-frame images. smashly

_GDIPlus_ImageGetFrameDimensionCount _GDIPlus_ImageGetFrameDimensionList _GDIPlus_ImageGetFrameCount _GDIPlus_ImageSelectActiveFrame

These functions in combination with existing GDIPlus.au3 functions give the user the ability to get individual frames from a multi-frame image eg: TIF & GIF formats. Functions are attached to ticket. I don't have a proper example of use to supply yet. (still working on an example as well as a couple more functions).

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