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Resolution: Fixed (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#1284 minor fold hickup. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other None
#1312 _GUIImageList_BeginDrag.au3 - example in helpfile Valik Bug Documentation None
#1320 _GUIImageList_DragMove() - bad hWnd parameter Valik Bug Documentation None
#1321 DllStruct Element Name Limits Valik Bug Documentation None
#1322 ControlCommand with "GetSelected" used on ListView crashes the script Valik Bug AutoIt None
#1323 Wrong size of some types in DllStructCreate() Valik Bug Documentation None
#1325 Date.au3: calls to _Date_Time_SetLocalTime($pSystemTime) are not checking @error Valik Bug Standard UDFs None
#1328 StringFormat() does not produce right output in AutoIt v3.3.1.6 (beta) Jon Bug AutoIt None
#1331 Help example for _GuiCtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx uses wrong struct. Valik Bug AutoIt None
#1332 Mod funktion wrong output Valik Bug AutoIt None
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