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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1006 @MSEC should return time from 000 to 999 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1007 Help File: Un-needed include Valik Bug Documentation
#1008 Math function mod( ) result display bug Bug AutoIt
#1009 Remove hard-coded calls to ConsoleWrite() in SQLite.au3 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1010 FileRead UTF-8 auto-detection prevents reading of further files Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1011 GUICtrlSetOnEvent registeres also on Listviewitems created with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem and lparam Bug AutoIt
#1012 checkboxes Bug AutoIt
#1013 MDI childs doesn't adjust to parent windows client rect Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1014 ColorMode option Valik Bug Documentation
#1015 _SQLite_SaveMode() --> _SQLite_SafeMode() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1016 _WordDocSaveAs - if path exist Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#1017 StringRegExpReplace - back-references --> add this as example in Helpfile Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1018 SplashImageOn example not correct for Vista Bug Documentation
#1019 _GUICtrlListView_SetItemCut and other UDF's not working correctly Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1020 FileCreate or FileSave Feature Request AutoIt
#1021 AutoIt Installer broken Bug AutoIt
#1022 Different between " and ' like PHP Feature Request AutoIt
#1023 Error in document _FileListToArray Jpm Bug Documentation
#1024 GUICtrlSetTip for tabitems sets incorrectly in certain situations Jon Bug AutoIt
#1025 Box-comment in SciTe Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1026 _Gdiplus_BitmapCreate* functions document wrong resource disposal function Valik Bug Documentation
#1027 SS_BITMAP Constant Value is Wrong Valik Bug AutoIt
#1028 _ClipBoard_GetData does not work properly Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1029 New Feature: Restrict users from changing windows Feature Request AutoIt
#1030 Check spelling Bug Documentation
#1031 _ClipBoard_SetData inconsistency with new _ClipBoard_GetData Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1032 _winapi_getlasterror and _winapi_getlasterrormessage do not work as expected Bug AutoIt
#1033 UDF's missing @error checks after DLLCalls() Valik Bug AutoIt
#1034 SetLocale()? Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1035 Different SendModes Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1036 InetClose and InetGetInfo error in compiled script (not in uncompiled script) Valik Bug AutoIt
#1037 tagNMHDR not working on x64 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1038 Add icon to menu item Feature Request AutoIt
#1039 DocStrings? Feature Request AutoIt
#1040 _ScreenCapture_Capture(): GDI object leak with cursor capture Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1041 WinExists Error Bug AutoIt
#1042 AURecord has problems with save/save as Jon Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1043 ClipPut Function bug or limitation Bug AutoIt
#1044 StdErr constants for Run() Bug Documentation
#1045 ConstantsAll.au3 or GUIConstantsAll.au3 - new include file/files Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#1046 Hard crash when parsing larger strings using StringSplit() Bug AutoIt
#1047 /in is dir, it's crash Bug Aut2Exe
#1048 _WinAPI_EnumDisplayDevices() Example in Help-File wrong Jpm Bug Documentation
#1049 InetRead() inserts arbitrary \0 characters. Valik Bug AutoIt
#1050 TextPad v5 syntax files Jpm Feature Request Other
#1051 Au3Check does not detect invalid statement Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1052 GUICtrlCreateIcon() returns 0 if the file does not exist Bug AutoIt
#1053 The computer hangs for a while when used DllCallbackRegister() Bug AutoIt
#1054 Character Encoding Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1055 WinAPI CreateCompatibleBitmap: The specified module could not be found. Bug AutoIt
#1056 InetGet rundll32.exe error on Vista / Windows 7 on "Screen-saver" desktop Valik Bug AutoIt
#1057 SciTe ToolTip negative coordinates Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#1058 Eventlog.au3 in Beta Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1059 Incorrect error handling in _FileListToArray() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1060 Run return 0, but failed Jon Bug AutoItX
#1061 PowerPoint 2007 presentation adding doesn't work on Vista Bug AutoIt
#1062 language support Bug AutoIt
#1063 Documentation: _ArraySearch() example script missing a prameter Jpm Bug Documentation
#1064 DriveGetSerial ( "path" ) Bug AutoIt
#1065 _DateDiff showing 0 days Bug AutoIt
#1066 filewrite() not working in mode 16(BinaryMode). Valik Bug AutoIt
#1067 Unsigned structure "uint64" work as signed "int64" Bug AutoIt
#1068 Wrong converting Binary to Int/Number Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1069 Check _PathSplit Function. Bug AutoIt
#1070 Adlib Suggestion Feature Request AutoIt
#1071 editing existing files at any position. Feature Request AutoIt
#1072 DirCreate Bug AutoIt
#1073 _FileListToArray on *.lnk files Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1074 InputBox left positional reference not working correctly Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1075 scite4utoit beta help activation. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1076 SciLexer.dll beta, passing EOL. Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1077 GUICtrlSetBkColor excessive recoloring == faulty coloring, and strange WinGUI behavior Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1078 find skipping quote caracters. Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1079 GUICtrlSetFont Docs incomplete and / or incorrect. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1080 InetGet doesn't return immediately for a background download Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1081 Consider this code for include: waiting for the clipboard to fill. Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#1082 TimerDiff results in negative values and resets. Bug AutoIt
#1083 ClipPut Function bug or limitation-from ticket 1043 Jon Bug AutoItX
#1084 Setting for mouse default speed Feature Request AutoIt
#1085 General timer descrepancies Bug AutoIt
#1086 Remove limit on number of files that can be opened. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1087 CheckBox on TabItem, CheckBox text. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1088 GuiCtrlSetOnEvent - Easier Event handling Feature Request AutoIt
#1089 #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Tidy=y, tidy also activated at run-script instant. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1090 trivial artifact, persistand tidy error message line. Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1091 Request: Packet Send & Packet Catching Feature Request AutoIt
#1092 _Timer_SetTimer, Kill datatype discrepancies Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1093 StringFormat not work with non-latin symbols in format string Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1094 Left Shift stays down Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1095 tidy indent with $var_ exception. Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1096 MouseMove() Function Feature Request AutoIt
#1097 Strange behavior with MSXML (COM) Bug AutoIt
#1098 Case logical bug Bug AutoIt
#1099 The GUICtrlSetPos() function redraws each draw when moving a graphic Bug AutoIt
#1100 ControlCommand not getting state of check box in .NET controls Bug AutoIt
#1101 Docs for _NowTime need to be fixed Jpm Bug Documentation
#1102 Doc, StringInStr, count. Valik Bug Documentation
#1103 Scientific convertion to integer adding +1. (x>=2^49) Bug AutoIt
#1104 Scientific number, addition failer. (x>2^53) Bug AutoIt
#1105 Vertical Button, Double Label When Disabled Jpm Bug AutoIt
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