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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1640 In name of every autoit's coders Feature Request AutoIt
#1644 _InetMail function does not work when Windows Live mail is default client Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1645 Change stdinwrite() to asynchronous Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1647 StringInStr returns wrong value when 4th parm is "Default" Bug AutoIt
#1648 UDF community Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1649 Multiline strings without the "& _" Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1650 Problem with Run("psexec", .., $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) on Vista 64bit Jon Bug AutoIt
#1655 GUICtrlSetImage issue on static controls Bug AutoIt
#1656 Object not being released properly Jon Bug AutoIt
#1658 COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#1659 Example for WinSetTitle() in Help file does not work Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1660 Mod function causes AutoIt to crash Valik Bug AutoIt
#1661 AutoIT support for Stingray controls Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1662 Mouse wheel support for DTP Feature Request AutoIt
#1665 _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd Bad capture on Windows 7 with Aero Theme Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1666 Format conflict for date control And GUICtrlSetData() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1667 WinMove, Child-Window, Default. Jon Bug AutoIt
#1668 Directory Macros for Default User Account Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1669 RegExpReplace strips "\" from replacement string Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1672 _WinAPI_GetObject() as ANSI version Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1673 Error in the output of an example script Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1674 DirCopy()/DirMove() does not preserve the attributes of a folder Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1675 Problem with __EventLog_DecodeComputer Bug AutoIt
#1677 ContinueLoop multiple level unpredictable behavior Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1678 DirCreate() can return 1 (success) without creating any directory Bug AutoIt
#1679 0xc00000c3 error upon exe execution Bug AutoIt
#1680 Global variable gives "Variable used without being declared" in SQLite.au3 Bug AutoIt
#1683 Displaying thumbnails of files in a GUI Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1684 FileRead: negative "count" value in binary mode causes "Error allocating memory" Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1687 _IECreate/Navigate dont support login in url Bug AutoIt
#1691 ControlCommand is not working for .net checkboxes. Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1692 GUICtrlSetOnEvent - during event fuction other event are waiting untill the function will finished. Bug AutoIt
#1694 Number(), Fails to return proper value for int32 value range case. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1696 Build in autoit Feature Request AutoIt
#1697 SQLight CSV functions Feature Request AutoIt
#1698 GUICtrlSetLimit, limit 32767 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1699 Send() in raw is not working in Windows 7 for the game Jon Bug AutoIt
#1700 Synchronous ObjEvent trancexx Feature Request Future Release AutoIt
#1701 Bug in date control Bug AutoIt
#1703 I have a problem when using "filecopy" with extension. "vbe" Bug AutoIt
#1705 Control Resizing before WinMove Bug AutoIt
#1706 GuiCtrlGetPos Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1708 Error in Simple Notepad Automation Tutorial Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1709 GuiCtrlSetResizing (return previous resizing mode) Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1712 _FileWriteFromArray() crash. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1713 Ctrl-Paste method for Send/ControlSend Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1714 controlID is not evaluated completely Jon Bug AutoIt
#1716 HotKeySet("^{F11}", "stamp") Bug AutoIt
#1717 32Bit Compiled exe with a Ping does not work on a 64 Bit Windows 7 Bug AutoIt
#1719 Expose the internal function that creates the $CmdLine array? Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1720 adding functionality to GUICtrlSetImage Feature Request AutoIt
#1721 Registry gets deleted automatically after reading Bug AutoIt
#1722 GUICtrlSetStyle() and $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Bug AutoIt
#1723 Array incorrect number of subscripts Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1725 LALT UP, RALT UP, LCTRL UP, and RCTRL UP do not release properly Jon Bug AutoIt
#1726 BlockInput(1) does not work on win7 Bug AutoIt
#1730 REQ: Add DATABASE support Bug AutoIt
#1731 Inetget / Inetgetinfo / Inetclose helpfile contains grammar error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1732 Compiled script gets terminated when running interactively under SYSTEM account and user logs off Jon Bug AutoIt
#1733 IsEmpty function Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1734 GUICtrlCreateAvi with negative subfileid parameter crashes the script Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1735 Ability To Change User Agent String For Embedded IE (will pay) Feature Request AutoIt
#1736 Send keystroke don't works ont locked windows session Jon Bug AutoIt
#1737 gui enhancements for touch screens Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1738 crypt.au3 - Calling of _Crypt_EncryptData Bug AutoIt
#1739 get/set cookie value function Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1740 Cannot send Period (ASC 046) when using Italian OS Bug AutoIt
#1741 Rounding: optionally add trailing zeros Feature Request AutoIt
#1743 fileexists Bug AutoIt
#1746 Controls not found in moving from to Jon Bug AutoIt
#1748 "Enter" in an Input Box does 2 things Jon Bug AutoIt
#1751 Ctrl key stuck after send containing ^ if BlockInput is on Bug AutoIt
#1752 GUICtrlCreateIcon doesn't work with higher index than 0 in WinXP x64 / Win 2003 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1753 MouseGetButtonState Feature Request AutoIt
#1755 In x64 Windows 7 the @HomeDrive macro returns "c:\system32" instead of "c: Bug AutoIt
#1757 1.912 - 1.854 = 0.0579999999999998 Bug AutoIt
#1758 tables for the gui Feature Request AutoIt
#1760 #OnAutoItStartRegister, ignores single quoted function names. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1761 File version compare bug Bug AutoIt
#1762 With ... EndWith crashes instead of Error. Bug AutoIt
#1763 incorrect sequence during GUICtrlSetGraphic Bug AutoIt
#1764 FileCreateShortcut - cuts target to 8.3 style Bug AutoIt
#1766 Multi-Thread support Feature Request AutoIt
#1768 Compile Feature Request AutoIt
#1770 Script getting pause when popup appears in IE trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1771 Run*() failure for Elevated Processes with UAC Bug AutoIt
#1772 InetGet reload from the remote site Bug AutoIt
#1774 Simple Builtin Funktion to Get WinVersion Number Feature Request AutoIt
#1775 _Radian UDF does not work on values less that 1 Bug AutoIt
#1776 Strange MustDeclareVars Behavior Bug AutoIt
#1777 Issues with Security.au3 Bug AutoIt
#1778 ProcessClose() is looking at other logged-in users Bug AutoIt
#1779 AutoIt Include Files Missing Includes? Bug AutoIt Other
#1780 Unable to get the selected node coordinates in Treeview. Bug AutoIt
#1781 Adding in Custom UDF's Feature Request AutoIt
#1782 forcing targeting of commands to only one target process/executable Feature Request AutoIt
#1784 Feature request Feature Request AutoIt
#1785 C-like syntax Feature Request AutoIt
#1786 ControlSend releases Caps Lock Bug AutoIt
#1787 Test coverage features Feature Request AutoIt
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