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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#617 GDI+: corrected help file examples for six ImageGet functions Gary Bug Documentation
#1242 GDIPlus Encoder stuff doesn't work. Bug AutoIt
#3589 GDIPlus.au3 contains unecessary string conversions Bug AutoIt
#2918 GDIPlus_GetEncoderParameterList not working on Windows 8.1 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1866 GUI $WS_EX_MDICHILD Top Alignment bug Bug AutoIt
#373 GUI - Moving Mouse Across Edit or Input Bug AutoIt
#2236 GUI Automation support for 3rd party Grid control Feature Request AutoIt
#2299 GUI Button Text Left-Justify Bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#2603 GUI Flickering on Windows 8 Bug AutoIt
#3549 GUI Reference - OnEvent Mode: missing include in code sample Bug Documentation
#747 GUI becomes unresponsive on displaying animated Gifs in embedded IE Bug AutoIt
#405 GUI bug Bug AutoIt
#406 GUI include file bug! Bug AutoIt
#1199 GUI is very sluggish with keyboard navigation and screen reader Bug AutoIt
#1940 GUI*OnEvent default functions Feature Request AutoIt
#777 GUICreate() --> width, height is client size (not whole window size) Valik Feature Request Documentation
#418 GUICreate: $WS_EX_LAYERED documentation error Bug Documentation
#464 GUICtrlCreateAvi on Windows Vista Valik Bug AutoIt
#1734 GUICtrlCreateAvi with negative subfileid parameter crashes the script Jpm Bug AutoIt
#975 GUICtrlCreateCheckbox() on tabs. Valik Bug AutoIt
#451 GUICtrlCreateCombo don't show items on Windows 2000 Bug AutoIt
#3028 GUICtrlCreateCombo(0 Jpm Bug Documentation
#127 GUICtrlCreateDate -> GUICtrlSetData wrong on Timefields Bug AutoIt
#1997 GUICtrlCreateDummy(), @error=1 on failure., trivial. Bug AutoIt
#2227 GUICtrlCreateEdit doesn't have full Unicode support Bug AutoIt
#2476 GUICtrlCreateEdit[2].au3 - ERROR Bug Documentation
#538 GUICtrlCreateGraphic - working on last GUI created Bug AutoIt
#1116 GUICtrlCreateGraphic not obeying GUIResizeMode Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1609 GUICtrlCreateGroup() size/position affected by default font size. Bug AutoIt
#311 GUICtrlCreateHotKey - as new native AutoIt control Feature Request AutoIt
#2806 GUICtrlCreateIcon an blank Icon Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1752 GUICtrlCreateIcon doesn't work with higher index than 0 in WinXP x64 / Win 2003 Jon Bug AutoIt
#763 GUICtrlCreateIcon returns a 0 handle but doesn't destroy the created control. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1052 GUICtrlCreateIcon() returns 0 if the file does not exist Bug AutoIt
#2582 GUICtrlCreateIcon.txt - remarks - iconID guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1528 GUICtrlCreateListView Example not work Bug AutoIt
#1424 GUICtrlCreateListView: $LVS_EX_BORDERSELECT fails. Bug AutoIt
#204 GUICtrlCreateListViewItem() - new optional parameter IconIndex Feature Request AutoIt
#2444 GUICtrlCreateMenuItem -- should the 2nd param be a default? guinness Bug AutoIt
#110 GUICtrlCreateObj controls do not correctly track focus. Valik Bug AutoIt
#1329 GUICtrlCreatePic width=height=0. Bug AutoIt
#245 GUICtrlCreatePic, GUICtrlSetImage - add notes about supported image file types Jpm Bug Documentation
#266 GUICtrlCreateStatusBar - as native AutoIt control Feature Request AutoIt
#511 GUICtrlCreateTab - doc precision Feature Request Documentation
#265 GUICtrlCreateToolBar - as native AutoIt control Feature Request AutoIt
#1145 GUICtrlCreateTreeView() steals application focus Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3215 GUICtrlCreateUpdown looses GUICtrlSetResizing value on GUICtrlSetState change Jon Bug AutoIt
#3906 GUICtrlCreateXXX creation in example assign to $idXXX to reflect Ctrl type Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#339 GUICtrlDelete() crashes at special occasions. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1449 GUICtrlDelete(), GUICtrlCreateDummy() Jon Bug AutoIt
#2449 GUICtrlGetHandle - Remarks proposal guinness Feature Request Documentation
#959 GUICtrlGetState doesn't work for listview with enable flag Bug AutoIt
#413 GUICtrlHotKeySet -Hot key input box GUI control. Feature Request AutoIt
#2591 GUICtrlRead - Parameters controlID - proposal Feature Request Documentation
#2775 GUICtrlRead - Return Value <> state of the button Bug Documentation
#628 GUICtrlRead($id, 1) on control context menu returns -1 unless main window has menu Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2499 GUICtrlSendToDummy documentation clarification Feature Request Documentation
#2504 GUICtrlSendToDummy to нidden window Feature Request AutoIt
#774 GUICtrlSetBkColor delayed mishap.(Labels turn White) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1077 GUICtrlSetBkColor excessive recoloring == faulty coloring, and strange WinGUI behavior Jpm Bug AutoIt
#608 GUICtrlSetBkColor not working properly on ListView control Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1504 GUICtrlSetBkColor sets button style to $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Bug AutoIt
#30 GUICtrlSetBkColor() bug with GUICtrlCreateLabel() and GUICreate with BitOR() WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#376 GUICtrlSetBkColor() causes button to catch enter key Valik Bug AutoIt
#3119 GUICtrlSetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#2892 GUICtrlSetData on dummy control - AutoIt bug or Document Incorrect? Jon Bug AutoIt
#1002 GUICtrlSetData: Edit: default: Improved documentation Valik Bug AutoIt
#186 GUICtrlSetDefColor - related Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#3729 GUICtrlSetDefColor and GUICtrlSetDefBkColor cause inputs to fire other controls' events Bug AutoIt
#195 GUICtrlSetDefColor() causing a problem Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1079 GUICtrlSetFont Docs incomplete and / or incorrect. Jpm Bug Documentation
#2903 GUICtrlSetFont does not mention FontConstants.au3 Bug Documentation
#918 GUICtrlSetFont() and related Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#497 GUICtrlSetFont() does not work in a listview control Bug AutoIt
#67 GUICtrlSetGraphic in help file Jpm Bug Documentation
#2075 GUICtrlSetImage changes icon position on resizable window Jon Bug AutoIt
#2461 GUICtrlSetImage doesn't handle certain types of .gif file Jon Bug AutoIt
#1655 GUICtrlSetImage issue on static controls Bug AutoIt
#908 GUICtrlSetImage needs wrong icon index to show needed icon Bug AutoIt
#2815 GUICtrlSetImage resets the icon size Bug AutoIt
#2962 GUICtrlSetImage resizes Pic control with $SS_SUNKEN style Jos Bug AutoIt
#1698 GUICtrlSetLimit, limit 32767 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1692 GUICtrlSetOnEvent - during event fuction other event are waiting untill the function will finished. Bug AutoIt
#3689 GUICtrlSetOnEvent Bug Jos Bug AutoIt
#1011 GUICtrlSetOnEvent registeres also on Listviewitems created with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem and lparam Bug AutoIt
#315 GUICtrlSetOnEvent() doesn't work if there are too many controls on one form Bug AutoIt
#2716 GUICtrlSetPos - Parameters proposal Melba23 Feature Request Documentation
#3831 GUICtrlSetPos and $GUI_DOCKHCENTER Jon Bug AutoIt
#3830 GUICtrlSetResizing and fullscreen mode Jon Bug AutoIt
#3875 GUICtrlSetResizing() performance Jon Bug AutoIt
#2592 GUICtrlSetState - State table - MagicNumber guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2660 GUICtrlSetState Doc example bug Jpm Bug Documentation
#375 GUICtrlSetState($GUI_DISABLED) delayed in Vista Bug AutoIt
#2287 GUICtrlSetState($controlID, $GUI_ONTOP) Doesn't set on top Jon Bug AutoIt
#2600 GUICtrlSetState.txt - proposal - State table - CleanUp guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1722 GUICtrlSetStyle() and $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Bug AutoIt
#1275 GUICtrlSetTip - after tip times out it does not show again Bug AutoIt
#2869 GUICtrlSetTip displays wrong tip message in child GUI when tabs used in parent and child GUIs Jon Bug AutoIt
#1024 GUICtrlSetTip for tabitems sets incorrectly in certain situations Jon Bug AutoIt
#318 GUICtrlSetTip problem on TreeViewItem Jpm Bug AutoIt
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