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#2591 GUICtrlRead - Parameters controlID - proposal Feature Request Documentation
#2775 GUICtrlRead - Return Value <> state of the button Bug Documentation
#628 GUICtrlRead($id, 1) on control context menu returns -1 unless main window has menu Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2499 GUICtrlSendToDummy documentation clarification Feature Request Documentation
#2504 GUICtrlSendToDummy to нidden window Feature Request AutoIt
#774 GUICtrlSetBkColor delayed mishap.(Labels turn White) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1077 GUICtrlSetBkColor excessive recoloring == faulty coloring, and strange WinGUI behavior Jpm Bug AutoIt
#608 GUICtrlSetBkColor not working properly on ListView control Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1504 GUICtrlSetBkColor sets button style to $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Bug AutoIt
#30 GUICtrlSetBkColor() bug with GUICtrlCreateLabel() and GUICreate with BitOR() WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#376 GUICtrlSetBkColor() causes button to catch enter key Valik Bug AutoIt
#3119 GUICtrlSetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#2892 GUICtrlSetData on dummy control - AutoIt bug or Document Incorrect? Jon Bug AutoIt
#1002 GUICtrlSetData: Edit: default: Improved documentation Valik Bug AutoIt
#186 GUICtrlSetDefColor - related Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#3729 GUICtrlSetDefColor and GUICtrlSetDefBkColor cause inputs to fire other controls' events Bug AutoIt
#195 GUICtrlSetDefColor() causing a problem Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1079 GUICtrlSetFont Docs incomplete and / or incorrect. Jpm Bug Documentation
#2903 GUICtrlSetFont does not mention FontConstants.au3 Bug Documentation
#918 GUICtrlSetFont() and related Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#497 GUICtrlSetFont() does not work in a listview control Bug AutoIt
#67 GUICtrlSetGraphic in help file Jpm Bug Documentation
#2075 GUICtrlSetImage changes icon position on resizable window Jon Bug AutoIt
#2461 GUICtrlSetImage doesn't handle certain types of .gif file Jon Bug AutoIt
#1655 GUICtrlSetImage issue on static controls Bug AutoIt
#908 GUICtrlSetImage needs wrong icon index to show needed icon Bug AutoIt
#2815 GUICtrlSetImage resets the icon size Bug AutoIt
#2962 GUICtrlSetImage resizes Pic control with $SS_SUNKEN style Jos Bug AutoIt
#1698 GUICtrlSetLimit, limit 32767 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1692 GUICtrlSetOnEvent - during event fuction other event are waiting untill the function will finished. Bug AutoIt
#3689 GUICtrlSetOnEvent Bug Jos Bug AutoIt
#1011 GUICtrlSetOnEvent registeres also on Listviewitems created with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem and lparam Bug AutoIt
#315 GUICtrlSetOnEvent() doesn't work if there are too many controls on one form Bug AutoIt
#2716 GUICtrlSetPos - Parameters proposal Melba23 Feature Request Documentation
#2592 GUICtrlSetState - State table - MagicNumber guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2660 GUICtrlSetState Doc example bug Jpm Bug Documentation
#375 GUICtrlSetState($GUI_DISABLED) delayed in Vista Bug AutoIt
#2287 GUICtrlSetState($controlID, $GUI_ONTOP) Doesn't set on top Jon Bug AutoIt
#2600 GUICtrlSetState.txt - proposal - State table - CleanUp guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1722 GUICtrlSetStyle() and $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Bug AutoIt
#1275 GUICtrlSetTip - after tip times out it does not show again Bug AutoIt
#2869 GUICtrlSetTip displays wrong tip message in child GUI when tabs used in parent and child GUIs Jon Bug AutoIt
#1024 GUICtrlSetTip for tabitems sets incorrectly in certain situations Jon Bug AutoIt
#318 GUICtrlSetTip problem on TreeViewItem Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1553 GUICtrlSetTip() not working on Combos Bug AutoIt
#626 GUICtrlSetTip: Display as Balloon Tip doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#1149 GUICtrlSetTrans() Feature Request AutoIt
#211 GUICtrlToolbar UDF: Button text accelerator prefix underscore disappears Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1367 GUIDelete() crashes program when called from WM_* message handler Valik Bug AutoIt
#2935 GUIGetCursorInfo behavior in Windows 8 Bug AutoIt
#246 GUIGetCursorInfo does not return the correct primary/secondary down info Jon Bug AutoIt
#254 GUIGetCursorInfo does not return the correct primary/secondary down info Jon Bug AutoIt
#1181 GUIGetMsg and OnEventMode. Feature Request AutoIt
#234 GUIList.au3 error Bug AutoIt
#2726 GUIListView, GUICtrlListView_GetGroupInfoByIndex Mat Feature Request AutoIt
#864 GUIOnEventMode bug Bug AutoIt
#3138 GUIRegisterMsg - add to chain Feature Request AutoIt
#251 GUIRegisterMsg return bug regression Jon Bug AutoIt
#169 GUIRegisterMsg return value Valik Bug AutoIt
#222 GUIRegisterMsg() and callback function "chains" Jpm Bug AutoIt
#223 GUIRegisterMsg() callback documentation... Bug Documentation
#1388 GUIRegisterMsg() return value Feature Request AutoIt
#2629 GUIRegisterMsg/GUIUnregisterMsg Feature Request AutoIt
#178 GUIRegisterMsg: change of behaviour in WM_NCHITTEST message handler Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1421 GUIRichEdit UDF added line break Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1420 GUIRichEdit UDF hidden selection Bug AutoIt
#2839 GUISetAccelerators - accelerators 1D Array - AutoIt HardCrash Jon Bug AutoIt
#213 GUISetAccelerators doesn't work with enter Key from Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2538 GUISetAccelerators should take care of disabled control Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#2916 GUISetCoord() and GUICtrlCreatePic() Jon Bug AutoIt
#1472 GUISetCursor Bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2573 GUISetCursor not working correctly Jon Bug AutoIt
#3012 GUISetFont - no default value for parameter: attribute Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1305 GUISetFont, GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem, korean language combination bug Bug AutoIt
#3023 GUISetHelp.au3 - HelpFile Example guinness Bug Documentation
#2966 GUISetHelp[2].au3 - example proposal guinness Feature Request Documentation
#1270 GUISetIcon (@ScriptName) sets the 48x48 icon to the GUI Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#889 GUISetIcon() stops working after FileOpenDialog() Bug AutoIt
#1862 GUISetOnEvent should behave more like HotKeySet() Feature Request AutoIt
#3707 GUISetOnEvent with empty func name does not disables the event Jos Bug AutoIt
#2624 GUIUnRegisterMsg Feature Request AutoIt
#731 GUIWrapper Add required Constants *.au3 to your scripts changes #AutoItWrapper_Run_After Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#68 GUIWrapper not saving option Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#2602 GUIcreate generates blinking/flikering on W2012 Bug AutoIt
#29 Game Engine Incorperatrion Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#431 General help and support forum request. Feature Request Other
#1085 General timer descrepancies Bug AutoIt
#1941 Generate syntax files for Forum, Wiki Jos Feature Request Other
#893 Generating a script / recording a script. Feature Request AutoIt
#1579 Get Admin privileges Feature Request AutoIt
#142 Get Array from LDAP-Field Feature Request Other
#1631 Get FilePath from file handle Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1516 Get Full Returnstring from TCP-IP-STACK in AutoIt-Variable Feature Request AutoIt
#3534 GetTimeZoneInformation missing date/time Bug AutoIt
#2728 Getting a window handle from PID for more advanced programs Bug Documentation Other
#3276 Getting/Setting DllStruct array-element with index stored in varible fails without using Execute Bug AutoIt
#3647 Ghost border artifact with _GDIPlus_ImageResize Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3144 Givenchy Handbags, Givenchy Bags & Givenchy Antigo Bug AutoIt
#2264 Global Const $IEAU3VersionInfo in IE.au3 has incorrect version info Bug Standard UDFs
#2643 Global Const $REG_QWORD called twice error Bug AutoIt
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