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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1827 Typo on documentation of SendKeyDelay option. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1828 Strange behavior with IniWrite Bug AutoIt
#1829 Typo on documentation in running.htm Bug Documentation
#1830 Typo on documentation in running.htm Bug Documentation
#1831 _FileCountLines does not handles null characters Bug AutoIt
#1832 StringStripCR(): Clips strings at NUL-character. Bug AutoIt
#1833 _arraydisplay : elements longer than 4094 bytes are like empty elements Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1834 FileSelectFolder problem when using Windows RunAs Bug AutoIt
#1835 Error opening file for writing during install Bug AutoIt
#1836 _GUICtrlTreeView_InsertItem should return a handle, but it not Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1838 Au3Check, Ignored error case, keyword and (attached) negative number. Jos Bug Future Release Au3Check
#1839 Bug of _GUICtrlTreeView_SetInsertMark Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1840 _Singleton's documentation lacks $iFlag's default Bug Documentation
#1841 _Date_Time_FileTimeToStr Bug AutoIt
#1842 _ArrayUnique does not work properly Bug AutoIt
#1843 Round(), Doc, decimalplaces, return "type" Bug Documentation
#1844 SplashTextOn crops variable when used with opt 32 and @CRLF / @LF Jon Bug AutoIt
#1847 AutoIt cannot control QuoteTracker Bug AutoIt
#1850 RunAsWait() return value Bug Documentation
#1851 Comma SciTe bug Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1853 BinaryLen of hex expression computed string long Bug AutoIt
#1854 StringIsFloat returns 1 on non float numbers Jon Bug AutoIt
#1855 AutoIt Window Info does not work on 64 bit Windows 7 Bug Au3Info
#1856 On 64-bit Windows 7, Windows Info works only if Freeze is turned off Bug Au3Info
#1857 DriveGetFileSystem not returning expected result when no media loaded Bug AutoIt
#1858 strange behaviour of dialogs used with hwnd Bug AutoIt
#1859 Bug in _WeekNumberISO? Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1860 DriveStatus Returns Ready with blank value Jon Bug AutoIt
#1861 _ArrayDisplay: Bug when data contains separator and $sHeader is used guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1863 UDPRecv halts script for 100ms when there is no data to recieve Bug AutoIt
#1864 Not properly install in Debain Operating System Bug AutoIt
#1865 Unexpected shutdown after calling Shutdown(2) Bug AutoIt
#1866 GUI $WS_EX_MDICHILD Top Alignment bug Bug AutoIt
#1867 SciTE4AutoIt3 @OSVersion is WIN_VISTA, when actually WIN_7 Jos Bug AutoIt
#1868 Au3Record does not work on a x64 machine. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1870 @GUI_DRAGFILE Jon Bug AutoIt
#1877 Func _GetIP() can't deal multiple lines outputs Bug AutoIt
#1878 Hard crash on VirtualBox.GuestOSTypes Bug AutoIt
#1880 Two unexplainable "error in expression" Bug AutoIt
#1881 _VersionCompare Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1882 VarGetType(), Related, IsHwnd. Bug Documentation
#1883 IsHWnd(), Return Value. (Nitpick: Value = Bool) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1884 Strings concatenation Bug AutoIt
#1892 eventlog Bug AutoIt
#1895 Bugs in _GUIScrollBars_Init() Jon Bug Standard UDFs
#1896 Just a little error to fix in the help file (documentation) Bug Documentation
#1897 _DateDiff(), Suggestion (minor fix), Returns Double type instead of Int. Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1898 $CmdLineRaw, not enforced as constant. Bug AutoIt
#1904 Problem with @MyDocumentsDir macro in Windows XP Bug AutoIt
#1907 Bug in AdlibRegister Bug AutoIt
#1908 ObjName returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1909 little problem with an updown control Bug AutoIt
#1910 Please change $TTN_GETDISPINFO to $TTN_GETDISPINFOW Jon Bug Documentation
#1911 _WinAPI_MsgBox Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1912 Run() does not work on x64 when compiled as x86 Bug AutoIt
#1913 Mod() Crashing when divisor is zero. Bug AutoIt
#1915 Running script in SCITE doesnt work Bug AutoIt
#1917 InetGet() on WinXP SP3 Not Working AFTER v3.3.0.0 Bug AutoIt
#1918 IniReadSection Incorrect Bug AutoIt
#1920 Script crashes with error reported in Security.au3 at line 85 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1921 _ArrayUnique Bug Documentation
#1922 Shell.Explorer.2-Object and cancel Navigation with BeforeNavigate2 fails Bug AutoIt
#1923 Memory consumption while FileOpen/FileClose Jon Bug AutoIt
#1924 Hiding one Edit affects the text in another. Bug AutoIt
#1928 SoundPlay does not work after FileOpenDialog Bug AutoIt
#1929 SetMenuColor() does not work on 64bit OS Jon Bug Documentation
#1932 Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1935 _IEBodyReadText with IE9 failed Bug AutoIt
#1936 _ExcelBookClose doesn`t work Bug AutoIt
#1937 _ExcelReadSheetToArray doesn`t work Bug AutoIt
#1938 _IEQuit IE9 Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1944 AdlibUnRegister not working trusty Bug AutoIt
#1952 Autoit & https & _IEFormSubmit doesnt work. Bug AutoIt
#1953 FileExists returns 1 for non existing path Bug AutoIt
#1954 ListViewItem returns 0 (failure) even though it populates the ListView Jon Bug AutoIt
#1955 Unable to select the appropriate option from combo box Bug AutoIt
#1958 IniReadSection Problem Bug AutoIt
#1959 Input foucus bug Bug AutoIt
#1961 Pixel functions feature/bug? Bug AutoIt
#1964 can't make zero-length array, array functions messed up Bug AutoIt
#1965 Round() sometimes don't work Bug AutoIt
#1972 Strange behavior with ControlClick and deactivated button on AutoIt GUI Bug AutoIt
#1973 _IEAttach failes and crashes on some special window constellations Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1976 HotKeySet() - possible bug/conflict with F1 Bug AutoIt
#1977 _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd - wrong capture on maximized window Bug Standard UDFs
#1978 Problem with Standby and hibernate program written by Bastel123 aka Sebastian Bug AutoIt
#1979 _WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx() Don`t work with all idHook Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1982 FileGetShortName crashes when path is too long trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1985 _IEAction($element, "focus") does not work in IE9 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1986 FileSetTime() sets wrong the TIMESTAMP when Windows 7 x64 Bug AutoIt
#1987 _GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamFromFile crashes AutoIt Bug AutoIt
#1989 #include fails badly if the included file has BOM Bug AutoIt
#1990 Is this a false positive? Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1991 Include CAPTUREBLT flag in _ScreenCapture_Capture Bug Standard UDFs
#1992 RichEdit sometimes leaves a "ghost" scrollbar on maximize Bug AutoIt
#1993 Forum [autoit] code abbreviates URLs - it shouldn't Bug Other
#1994 Confusing helpfile info... Valik Bug AutoIt
#1995 Different results on x86 and x64 Bug AutoIt
#1996 _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort - no sort ItemParam guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1997 GUICtrlCreateDummy(), @error=1 on failure., trivial. Bug AutoIt
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