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#1609 GUICtrlCreateGroup() size/position affected by default font size. Bug AutoIt
#1610 FileSetTime error on "linux" NAS Feature Request AutoIt
#1611 FileSetTime error on "linux" NAS Feature Request AutoIt
#1612 Add a FileDeleteLine function. Feature Request AutoIt
#1613 Default (keyword), Auto conversion. Bug AutoIt
#1614 _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd(): Ignoring that Right and Bottom are Bounding coordinates. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1615 _GUICtrlTreeView_SetStateImageIndex() prohibits 0 in $iIndex parameter Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1616 AutoIt3Wrapper Icon Resource Error Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1617 Lockup: failed GuiCreate + undeleted window. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1618 ShellExecute("C:\") causes script hanging Bug AutoIt
#1619 Last line highlighting after undo operation in SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1620 debug.au3: single(') quote problem. Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1621 Spelling error in TCPStartup remarks Jpm Bug Documentation
#1622 build secure Feature Request Aut2Exe
#1623 _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes() uses Execute() unnecessarily Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1624 _crypt_DecryptData not working in Windows 2000 Bug AutoIt
#1625 AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI: Compile, directives block update. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1626 TCPSend( ) only transmits half simplified Chinese characters Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1627 compiling x64 Jon Feature Request Aut2Exe
#1628 default icon for compiled scripts Jon Feature Request Aut2Exe
#1629 Ability to destroy embedded IE objects to rehash browser settings Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1630 Documentation UDF History page seem to be broken v3.3.6.1 Bug AutoIt
#1631 Get FilePath from file handle Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1632 UDF to display a table Feature Request AutoIt
#1633 Second AdlibRegister function starts at once when first function is to slow Jon Bug AutoIt
#1634 Doc,UDF: Encryption Management, wrong #include file. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1635 0 = "" Bug AutoIt
#1636 _Security_LookupAccountSID for Remote Systems Jpm Feature Request Standard UDFs
#1637 Certain charactered missed by StringRegExp() and the replace Bug AutoIt
#1638 _Date_Time_FileTimeToStr wrong format output if $bFmt=1 Bug Other
#1639 Unable to delete ListviewItems created with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem Bug AutoIt
#1640 In name of every autoit's coders Feature Request AutoIt
#1641 Write compiler for autoit Feature Request Aut2Exe
#1644 _InetMail function does not work when Windows Live mail is default client Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1645 Change stdinwrite() to asynchronous Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1646 Change wording in help file Feature Request Documentation
#1647 StringInStr returns wrong value when 4th parm is "Default" Bug AutoIt
#1648 UDF community Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1649 Multiline strings without the "& _" Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1650 Problem with Run("psexec", .., $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) on Vista 64bit Jon Bug AutoIt
#1651 Addition to _IsPressed page in Help file Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1653 Error on Windows Message Codes documentation. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1654 Mistake on Windows Message Codes documentation. Bug Documentation
#1655 GUICtrlSetImage issue on static controls Bug AutoIt
#1656 Object not being released properly Jon Bug AutoIt
#1657 AutoIt3Wrapper on XP 64 bit error Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1658 COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#1659 Example for WinSetTitle() in Help file does not work Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1660 Mod function causes AutoIt to crash Valik Bug AutoIt
#1661 AutoIT support for Stingray controls Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1662 Mouse wheel support for DTP Feature Request AutoIt
#1663 Au3Recorder x64 does not work on x64 machines. Jpm Bug Other
#1664 _GuiCtrlTab_GetItem() fails to retrieve item text in some cases Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1665 _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd Bad capture on Windows 7 with Aero Theme Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1666 Format conflict for date control And GUICtrlSetData() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1667 WinMove, Child-Window, Default. Jon Bug AutoIt
#1668 Directory Macros for Default User Account Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1669 RegExpReplace strips "\" from replacement string Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1670 SciTE4AutoIt3 Abbreviation Expanson Errors Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#1671 _WinAPI_WideCharToMultiByte third parameter is a ghost Jpm Bug Documentation
#1672 _WinAPI_GetObject() as ANSI version Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1673 Error in the output of an example script Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1674 DirCopy()/DirMove() does not preserve the attributes of a folder Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1675 Problem with __EventLog_DecodeComputer Bug AutoIt
#1676 Ptr() documentation has empty example Jpm Bug Documentation
#1677 ContinueLoop multiple level unpredictable behavior Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1678 DirCreate() can return 1 (success) without creating any directory Bug AutoIt
#1679 0xc00000c3 error upon exe execution Bug AutoIt
#1680 Global variable gives "Variable used without being declared" in SQLite.au3 Bug AutoIt
#1681 Automate capture and apply partitioning in GimageX to address EFI firmware partition requirements. Jon Feature Request Other
#1682 _GUICtrlRebar_SetColorScheme incorrect summary. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1683 Displaying thumbnails of files in a GUI Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1684 FileRead: negative "count" value in binary mode causes "Error allocating memory" Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1685 BitRotate, incorrect/misleading (old?) param info. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1686 AU3_PixelSearch crashes with access violation at address 0x00000008 Jpm Bug AutoItX
#1687 _IECreate/Navigate dont support login in url Bug AutoIt
#1688 InetGet help file typo Bug Documentation
#1689 Standard _Debug UDF functions and Obfuscator Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1690 GuiTreeView.au3, GuiListView.au3 and possibly others ASCII mode Bug Jon Bug Standard UDFs
#1691 ControlCommand is not working for .net checkboxes. Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1692 GUICtrlSetOnEvent - during event fuction other event are waiting untill the function will finished. Bug AutoIt
#1693 _GUICtrlRichEdit_Create example Jpm Bug Documentation
#1694 Number(), Fails to return proper value for int32 value range case. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1695 Add some better discription to help file how to usw the modes from FileOpen Jon Feature Request Documentation
#1696 Build in autoit Feature Request AutoIt
#1697 SQLight CSV functions Feature Request AutoIt
#1698 GUICtrlSetLimit, limit 32767 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1699 Send() in raw is not working in Windows 7 for the game Jon Bug AutoIt
#1700 Synchronous ObjEvent trancexx Feature Request Future Release AutoIt
#1701 Bug in date control Bug AutoIt
#1702 Example code does not match description for DllStructCreate Jpm Bug Documentation
#1703 I have a problem when using "filecopy" with extension. "vbe" Bug AutoIt
#1704 Need UDFs in AutoItx. Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#1705 Control Resizing before WinMove Bug AutoIt
#1706 GuiCtrlGetPos Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1707 _SoundPlay fails with Windows Media files in Vista/Win7 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1708 Error in Simple Notepad Automation Tutorial Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1709 GuiCtrlSetResizing (return previous resizing mode) Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1710 GuiCtrlSetPos Feature Request Future Release Documentation
#1711 TrayTip Help Error Jpm Bug Documentation
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