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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1697 SQLight CSV functions Feature Request AutoIt
#2296 SHA2 for Crypt.au3 BrewManNH Feature Request AutoIt
#746 SCITE request Feature Request AutoIt
#2256 RuntimeError: instance.__dict__ not accessible in restricted mode Bug Other
#1915 Running script in SCITE doesnt work Bug AutoIt
#153 Running process with $STDOUT_CHILD kills ConsoleWrite. Valik Bug AutoIt
#2112 Running debugger window and clicking close script window makes this window inresponsive guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#3748 Running a script from a compiled script is not launching Bug AutoIt
#2496 Runing Au3Info BETA Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#512 Runas problem with new version. Bug AutoIt
#2463 RunWait does not wait if running an admin mode program (UAC popup) Bug AutoIt
#3162 RunWait command does not return the exit code of the program that was run on XP systems Bug AutoIt
#1850 RunAsWait() return value Bug Documentation
#369 RunAsWait and RunAs Bug AutoIt
#168 RunAsSet() for 3.2.11.x Feature Request AutoIt
#698 RunAs/RunAsWait Bug - Blank Passwords Bug AutoIt
#360 RunAs() function not working on Windows 2000 Valik Bug AutoIt
#370 RunAs() and I/O redirection does not work on Windows 2000 Valik Bug AutoIt
#89 RunAs w/ Profile does not grant acess to user environment Valik Bug AutoIt
#90 RunAs fails for a Limited User if run-as user's Profile is loaded Valik Bug AutoIt
#2111 RunAs broken when Authenticated Users added to Replace a process level token Valik Bug AutoIt
#344 RunAs + StdxxxRead doesn't work as expected on XP SP1 and XP RTM Valik Bug AutoIt
#801 Run/RunWait path bug Bug AutoIt
#3556 Run, RunWait and similar calls fail with large amounts of data Bug AutoIt
#1771 Run*() failure for Elevated Processes with UAC Bug AutoIt
#1912 Run() does not work on x64 when compiled as x86 Bug AutoIt
#550 Run() - doc precision Feature Request Documentation
#2155 Run's default workingdir guinness Feature Request Documentation
#338 Run scripts with no need to save them Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#1060 Run return 0, but failed Jon Bug AutoItX
#2543 Run on WriteOnly Medium Bug AutoIt
#1139 Run filename plus path Bug Documentation Other
#3607 Run command is broken with @SW_HIDE flag Bug AutoIt
#3157 Run \ Runwait functions fail to run programs with the requested execution level set to requireadministrator in the program manifest Bug AutoIt
#880 Run RunWait Error with Working Dir Parameter Bug AutoIt
#1162 Run ( "wrong file" ) Bug AutoIt
#1741 Rounding: optionally add trailing zeros Feature Request AutoIt
#1843 Round(), Doc, decimalplaces, return "type" Bug Documentation
#1965 Round() sometimes don't work Bug AutoIt
#1461 RightTab and LeftTab under ControlComand not working for Class:_wx_SysTabCtl32 Bug AutoIt
#3844 Right bracket does not register as a hotkey Jon Bug AutoIt
#2790 RichEdit_StreamToFile doesn't work Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#1992 RichEdit sometimes leaves a "ghost" scrollbar on maximize Bug AutoIt
#2303 Ribbon Feature Request AutoIt
#839 Rewrite Shutdown() Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#2061 Rewrite OS_Version class Bug AutoIt
#15 Rewrite INI functionality to remove limitations. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#351 Reverse PixelSearch Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#3619 Return value of _WinAPI_LocalFree() is not consistent with what the documentation says Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3773 Return value in SetError() is limited to 32-bit valuies Bug AutoIt
#606 Return value error in _GUICtrlListView_GetSelectedIndices Bug AutoIt
#571 Return value documentation is incorrectly copied in ListBox module Gary Bug Documentation
#1873 Return the thread ID of a child process from Run Feature Request AutoIt
#3228 Return empty string on failure for _ArrayToString Feature Request AutoIt
#443 Return Tag String for Structure Feature Request AutoIt
#2257 Retreive MAC address from UDPRecv Feature Request AutoIt
#1799 Result from TimerInit is wrong? Bug AutoIt
#1347 Restoring cursor position after certain scite4autoit tools. Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#147 Restore "Passphrase" Option in Aut2exe Feature Request Aut2Exe
#735 Resizing GUI after _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl() causes control to disappear Bug AutoIt
#45 Resizing GUI after _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl (Marquee Progress bar) Gary Bug Other
#3095 Resizing GUI Controls before showing GUI Bug AutoIt
#650 Required BorderConstants.au3 not provided for _WinAPI_DrawEdge() Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#513 Request: checked row highlight style for Listview controls Feature Request AutoIt
#1091 Request: Packet Send & Packet Catching Feature Request AutoIt
#1263 Request: Delete a Line from a File (FileDeleteLine) Feature Request AutoIt
#455 Request new feature guictrlgetbkcolor Feature Request AutoIt
#2556 Request for hyperlink guinness Feature Request Documentation
#834 Request for _FileListToArray() to offer additional options Feature Request AutoIt
#892 Request for ControlGetColor, ControlGetBkColor Feature Request AutoIt
#1243 Request @FuncName Feature Request AutoIt
#3835 Replace constants with magic numbers Jpm Bug Documentation
#2575 Remove valign="top" and change to CSS. guinness Bug Documentation
#346 Remove the FileOpenDialog/FileSaveDialog filter length limit Bug Future Release AutoIt
#1086 Remove limit on number of files that can be opened. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1009 Remove hard-coded calls to ConsoleWrite() in SQLite.au3 Valik Bug AutoIt
#2684 Remove drag behavior of WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT Feature Request AutoIt
#1184 Remove all fatal errors from functions. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1336 Remove UDF hard-coded buffer sizes. Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1606 Remove AutoItX Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#682 Remove 64K line limit for FileReadLine() Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#238 Remove "ColorMode" option Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3815 Remark in help regarding return value of _ArrayDelete is wrong Bug Documentation
#3083 Release <> Beta -- Installer Feature Request Other
#3074 Regwrite can't write a big lenght in binary. Bug AutoIt
#1555 Regwrite Reg_Dword does not write correct value Bug AutoIt
#760 Regular expression; NUL character in \x## Bug AutoIt
#1267 Regular expression - Specify line endings default code to CRLF instead of LF Feature Request AutoIt
#3192 Regression with reference Bug AutoIt
#740 Regression in DllStructSetData() Valik Bug AutoIt
#1721 Registry gets deleted automatically after reading Bug AutoIt
#1874 Registry functions should return more meanginful values Feature Request AutoIt
#3725 Regexp POSIX classes description misses some specifications Melba23 Bug Documentation
#78 Regex in CLASS for window titles Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#836 RegWrite - set registry key as another user Feature Request AutoIt
#1427 RegWite REG_BINARY wites data to registry that cannot read by other application Bug AutoIt
#2249 RegRead(): Unexpected @extended result - possible bug Bug AutoIt
#1430 RegRead() Function, Bug? Bug AutoIt
#741 RegRead on Win XP x64 is not Working. Jon Bug AutoIt
#947 RegRead fails for the first try reading a key Valik Bug AutoIt
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