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#3109 2x FileInstall in same line (in if statement) not working compiled Bug Aut2Exe
#3183 Aut2Exe: Exe won't run "Unable to open the script file" (with Aut2Exe_x64.exe it works) Bug Aut2Exe
#3190 Aut2exe crashes Bug Aut2Exe
#3278 win\print\suffix Bug Aut2Exe
#3407 coupon code worked yesterday Feature Request Aut2Exe
#3655 we need more protection on aut2exe Feature Request Aut2Exe
#3684 Aut2exe.exe window title and version number Jpm Feature Request Aut2Exe
#3925 With..EndWith should error out when associated with a DllStruct Jpm Bug Aut2Exe
#3987 Aut2Exe creates a temp folder without deleting it Bug Aut2Exe
#2 Test2 somebody Bug Future Release AutoIt
#3 GuiListView Hiding Behind BG Image Jpm Bug AutoIt Other
#5 AVector[] out of bounds - AU3check should pick up on my error Jpm Bug AutoIt Other
#6 StringInStr not reporting error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#8 loop bug Jos Bug AutoIt
#11 WinWaitActive error WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#12 GuiCtrlSetData() not appending a single value if it already exists Jpm Bug AutoIt
#13 STD I/O functions supporting binary. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#14 Callback functions with parameter support. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#15 Rewrite INI functionality to remove limitations. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#17 _WinAPI_MessageBeep with parameter 3 Bug AutoIt
#18 Test ticket Bug AutoIt
#19 FileSetTime() erronously rounds UP on non NTFS partition Jpm Bug AutoIt
#20 [:class:] in regex Bug AutoIt
#22 Send() doesn't work when trying to Alt+Printscreen WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#23 Acces to DataGridView for .net 2.0 Feature Request AutoIt
#26 Setting Color with words Feature Request AutoIt
#27 ControlClick with alternate mouse buttons (Like MouseClick's Primary, Secondary, Main & Menu) Feature Request AutoIt
#28 ControlGetPixel Feature Request AutoIt
#30 GUICtrlSetBkColor() bug with GUICtrlCreateLabel() and GUICreate with BitOR() WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#31 AutoIt user agent added to internet functions Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#33 _IsNumber() & IsInt() both incorrectly return true Bug AutoIt
#35 ProcessClose() as an admin doesn't close other user's process Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#36 MS SQL BigInt masked with 0xFFFFFF00 Valik Bug AutoIt
#37 Wine Compatibility Notice Feature Request AutoIt
#38 _SoundLength Bug AutoIt
#39 Add HWND to common dialogs Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#40 Pixel functions should accept HWND Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#41 Cleanup/Rename internal and User Defined Functions. Feature Request AutoIt
#43 IniReadSectionNames returning incorrect number of sections (extra blank section) Bug AutoIt
#44 Input, in InputBox use Send command Bug AutoIt
#47 FileInstall() to use the same Flag values as FileCopy Feature Request AutoIt
#50 Handle COM Byte-Array Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#52 RegRead REG_MULTI_SZ AutoIt3_X64 Dr Watson Valik Bug AutoIt
#53 change taborder of controls in GUI Feature Request AutoIt
#56 Some features for discussion Feature Request AutoIt
#57 unable to click hyperlink in any window Feature Request AutoIt
#58 Add a new button Type called Splitbutton Feature Request AutoIt
#60 Test Bug Valik Bug AutoIt Other
#61 Hashes Feature Request AutoIt
#62 Pressing F1 from within Scite editor Runs the script & runs multiple instances as well Bug AutoIt
#64 Enhance special description for recognizing controls Feature Request AutoIt
#66 BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON getting lost Valik Bug AutoIt
#72 MFC ActiveX Control doesn't work w/ AutoIt Bug AutoIt
#73 DirMove on different volume Valik Bug AutoIt
#74 expose C (CRT) _finite(double x) function as IsFinite($x) in Autoit Feature Request AutoIt
#75 _IEPropertyGet($oIE,"toolbar") Fails Valik Bug AutoIt
#76 Test Bug Jon Bug AutoIt
#77 ConsoleWriteLine to write to the console with @CRLF at the end of line Feature Request AutoIt
#78 Regex in CLASS for window titles Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#79 Allow searching for windows/controls by position. Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#81 _ArraySort output bad if first chararacter of alphanumeric string is numeric. Bug AutoIt
#82 Variable declared on same line = Undeclared Bug AutoIt
#87 Label disappears when clicking on a button Bug AutoIt
#89 RunAs w/ Profile does not grant acess to user environment Valik Bug AutoIt
#90 RunAs fails for a Limited User if run-as user's Profile is loaded Valik Bug AutoIt
#92 DllStructGetData() truncation Valik Bug AutoIt
#93 ControlTreeView() - sets @error=1 even if command works OK Jpm Bug AutoIt
#95 StringReplace doesn't recognize some number types as not strings Jpm Bug AutoIt
#96 Display problems with 2 embedded WebBrowser objects in GUI Bug AutoIt
#97 WinMenuSelectItem() Bug AutoIt
#98 SplashImage (or GUI) without border Feature Request AutoIt
#100 ControlSend Error Bug AutoIt
#102 ControlCommand(SelectString) - wrong selection order again Jpm Bug AutoIt
#103 a-squared Free says exe's are trojans Bug AutoIt
#104 Problem with _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack and WM_NOTIFY Gary Bug AutoIt
#105 _IEAttach does not work with embedded mode Bug AutoIt
#106 Gui Double Buffering Flag / exStyle Feature Request AutoIt
#107 DllStructGetField Feature Request AutoIt
#109 _SQLite_GetTable - Memory error Bug AutoIt
#110 GUICtrlCreateObj controls do not correctly track focus. Valik Bug AutoIt
#111 Extension to StringinStr to allow search from position as well as from occurrence (100% backwards compatible ) Feature Request AutoIt
#112 Send() does not check key release Bug AutoIt
#113 _ArrayDelete(StringSplit,..) Bug AutoIt
#114 Add Optional parameter to WinList - [, WinState] Feature Request AutoIt
#116 Windows menu bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#117 TimeExecution Bug AutoIt
#119 GuiCtrlGet* Feature Request AutoIt
#120 StringSplit limit parameter Feature Request AutoIt
#121 StringSplit not case sensitive for separator with multiple characters as group Jpm Bug AutoIt
#122 StringSplit does not return the string if no split found with separator with multiple characters as individual characters Bug AutoIt
#123 I have added two user functions to array.au3 Feature Request AutoIt
#124 Active Directory Integration - being able to query/enumerate AD objects Feature Request AutoIt
#125 codexecute Feature Request AutoIt
#126 Add @LF to end of ConsoleWrite/WriteError Feature Request AutoIt
#127 GUICtrlCreateDate -> GUICtrlSetData wrong on Timefields Bug AutoIt
#128 Accelerator Tables Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#130 _GUICtrlListView_InsertGroup incorrect parameters order in the docs Gary Bug AutoIt
#131 UDP socket and IP Feature Request AutoIt
#132 Nothing and NULL Feature Request AutoIt
#134 Add support for COM events to take ByRef parameters Valik Feature Request AutoIt
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