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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#102 ControlCommand(SelectString) - wrong selection order again Jpm Bug AutoIt
#103 a-squared Free says exe's are trojans Bug AutoIt
#104 Problem with _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack and WM_NOTIFY Gary Bug AutoIt
#105 _IEAttach does not work with embedded mode Bug AutoIt
#106 Gui Double Buffering Flag / exStyle Feature Request AutoIt
#107 DllStructGetField Feature Request AutoIt
#108 IE.AU3 _IEAttach windowtitle using not existing registry entry Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#109 _SQLite_GetTable - Memory error Bug AutoIt
#110 GUICtrlCreateObj controls do not correctly track focus. Valik Bug AutoIt
#111 Extension to StringinStr to allow search from position as well as from occurrence (100% backwards compatible ) Feature Request AutoIt
#112 Send() does not check key release Bug AutoIt
#113 _ArrayDelete(StringSplit,..) Bug AutoIt
#114 Add Optional parameter to WinList - [, WinState] Feature Request AutoIt
#115 Document Aut2Exe's /bin parameter Jpm Feature Request Aut2Exe
#116 Windows menu bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#117 TimeExecution Bug AutoIt
#118 Obfuscator ( /striponly removing GUICreate() Jos Bug Future Release Other Other
#119 GuiCtrlGet* Feature Request AutoIt
#120 StringSplit limit parameter Feature Request AutoIt
#121 StringSplit not case sensitive for separator with multiple characters as group Jpm Bug AutoIt
#122 StringSplit does not return the string if no split found with separator with multiple characters as individual characters Bug AutoIt
#123 I have added two user functions to array.au3 Feature Request AutoIt
#124 Active Directory Integration - being able to query/enumerate AD objects Feature Request AutoIt
#125 codexecute Feature Request AutoIt
#126 Add @LF to end of ConsoleWrite/WriteError Feature Request AutoIt
#127 GUICtrlCreateDate -> GUICtrlSetData wrong on Timefields Bug AutoIt
#128 Accelerator Tables Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#129 "Bugs" on the main Trac page (Jon's links do not work) Bug Future Release Other Other
#130 _GUICtrlListView_InsertGroup incorrect parameters order in the docs Gary Bug AutoIt
#131 UDP socket and IP Feature Request AutoIt
#132 Nothing and NULL Feature Request AutoIt
#133 Wrong information in the Help File Bug Documentation
#134 Add support for COM events to take ByRef parameters Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#135 FileWrite, FileWriteLine extended to set write mode and pointer position Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#136 FolderSelect Control in GUI Feature Request AutoIt
#137 Syntax highlighting for custom function names Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#138 Ability to add custom helpfile values Feature Request Documentation
#139 window identification / fixing current window Feature Request AutoIt
#140 Add ToolbarWindow32 information on buttons Jpm Feature Request Au3Info
#141 _GUICtrlToolbar_ClickButton is documented but does not exist Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#142 Get Array from LDAP-Field Feature Request Other
#143 PHP-Like #Include Feature Request AutoIt
#144 AutoIt AutoRecord Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#145 IniWrite() and whitespaces Valik Bug AutoIt
#146 Boolean numeric conversion Bug AutoIt
#147 Restore "Passphrase" Option in Aut2exe Feature Request Aut2Exe
#148 _StringProper Jos Bug Standard UDFs
#149 FileRead does not return EOF but does return @Error =0, an undocumented state Bug AutoIt
#150 Can´t open hidden file Bug AutoIt
#151 Constant redeclaration bug Bug AutoIt
#152 StdoutRead maxes CPU on process (when not run from SciTe). Valik Bug AutoIt
#153 Running process with $STDOUT_CHILD kills ConsoleWrite. Valik Bug AutoIt
#154 Error : Can not redeclare a constant Bug AutoIt
#155 Auto resize of GUICtrlCreateGraphic control notify area. (?) Bug AutoIt
#156 Custom Defined Types - Recordset Feature Request AutoIt
#157 AutoIT Info does not see all controlls in windows Vista Bug Au3Info
#158 ControlClick not working on some Vista windows. Bug AutoIt
#159 Add a Date: header in _inetsmtpmail Jpm Bug AutoIt
#160 FileGetTime - Date UDF compatible format Feature Request AutoIt
#161 ControlSend() working buggy on Vista Bug AutoIt
#162 compile to .dll Feature Request AutoIt
#163 Obsfuscator wrongly reporting error "File contains records longer than 2047" Bug AutoIt
#164 VISTA - MAXIMIZE does not work Bug AutoIt
#165 'Check for Updates' on Vista x64 Jon Bug Other
#166 _ArrayMax() runs on invalid array. Jos Bug AutoIt
#167 SciTe4AutoIt3 8-3-2008 Installs beta Aut2exe.exe Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#168 RunAsSet() for 3.2.11.x Feature Request AutoIt
#169 GUIRegisterMsg return value Valik Bug AutoIt
#170 FileCopy unable to copy new files when source files number excess 10k Bug AutoIt
#171 consolewrite() documentation addendum Feature Request Documentation
#172 StructureConstants.au3 - $tagREBARINFO Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#173 SysListView32 and, Gets different instance than Jon Bug AutoIt
#174 au3.api for v3.2.10.0 is missing RunAsSet Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#175 _ProcessHide Feature Request AutoIt
#176 Check for Updates on Windows XP x64 Bug AutoIt
#177 PixelGetColor third param not accepted (AutoIt error) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#178 GUIRegisterMsg: change of behaviour in WM_NCHITTEST message handler Jpm Bug AutoIt
#179 The use of "[CLASS:classnane; TEXT:controltext]" method to identify controls has been broken in the latest betas Bug AutoIt Other
#180 Could you make AitoIT Window Info Selectable? Bug AutoIt
#181 Could you make AutoIT Window Info Selectable? Feature Request AutoIt
#182 Add GUISetColor() by analogue of GUISetFont() Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#183 Event of radio control fired when the GUI is reactivated Jpm Bug AutoIt
#184 Child window must use GUICtrlSetTip() if the parent uses it too Bug AutoIt
#185 Limit of GUI Controls -> (eat up CPU) Jon Bug AutoIt
#186 GUICtrlSetDefColor - related Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#187 AutoIt3.chm::/html/script_breaking_changes.htm Feature Request Documentation
#188 Try...Catch Feature Request AutoIt
#189 #Include Conflict: Constants.au3 + ScrollBarConstants.au3 = Duplicates Gary Bug AutoIt Other
#190 _SQLite_GetTable2d crashes script if column field is null or unset Bug AutoIt
#191 Aut2Exe adds aditional empty icon into EXE Bug Aut2Exe
#192 Version column on is outdated in "Create New Ticket" Bug Other
#193 guictrldelete on context menu already deleted causes win32 exception Jpm Bug AutoIt
#194 Minor SciTeConfig error Bug Future Release AutoIt Other
#195 GUICtrlSetDefColor() causing a problem Jpm Bug AutoIt
#196 Enable shell printing of AutoIt source code Feature Request AutoIt
#197 $CmdLine as @CmdLine Feature Request AutoIt
#198 _FileReadToArray Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#199 Multi-Monitor Support Include File Feature Request AutoIt
#200 _ArrayDisplay Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#201 DLLCall: $aRet[4] is invalid in AutoIT Jpm Bug AutoIt
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