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#226 Explorer freezes momentarily when using Windows Shortcut keys while AutoIt scripts are running Bug AutoIt
#227 _GDIPlus_GraphicsFillRect and transperent windows Bug AutoIt
#229 @error and @extended not returning appropriate values for BinaryToString if input binary string contains 00 Bug AutoIt
#231 Modifier keys stick Bug AutoIt
#233 Inetget + "automatically detect proxy settings" = HUGE RAM usage Bug AutoIt
#234 GUIList.au3 error Bug AutoIt
#239 [Minor] Typo in FIle.au3 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#242 _SoundLength don't work Bug AutoIt
#245 GUICtrlCreatePic, GUICtrlSetImage - add notes about supported image file types Jpm Bug Documentation
#246 GUIGetCursorInfo does not return the correct primary/secondary down info Jon Bug AutoIt
#249 _WinAPI_UpdateLayeredWindow() - missing error checking Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#258 bugfix: hard crash when using _ClipBoard_GetData, (from the Clipboard UDF) Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#261 Small type in Macro Reference - Directory Jon Bug Documentation
#273 Hard-error on executing this Bug AutoIt
#290 _WinAPI_FloatToInt() --> obsolete in GDIPlus.au3 Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#291 TCPRecv() example in help file incorrect Bug AutoIt
#295 Test ticket Valik Bug AutoIt
#323 DllStructCreate - related Jpm Bug Documentation
#324 DllCall - related Jpm Bug Documentation
#362 _GUICtrlListView_InsertItem() - doc typo Gary Bug Documentation
#412 HotKeys do not function if explorer.exe is not running. Bug AutoIt
#421 Error in reading status of Radio Button Bug AutoIt
#437 InetGet in background mode - loop not responding when site overloaded Bug AutoIt
#84 SciTE doing syntax checking in comments in certin instances Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#89 RunAs w/ Profile does not grant acess to user environment Valik Bug AutoIt
#90 RunAs fails for a Limited User if run-as user's Profile is loaded Valik Bug AutoIt
#96 Display problems with 2 embedded WebBrowser objects in GUI Bug AutoIt
#99 _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack, Sort arrow not visible Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#104 Problem with _GUICtrlListView_RegisterSortCallBack and WM_NOTIFY Gary Bug AutoIt
#148 _StringProper Jos Bug Standard UDFs
#152 StdoutRead maxes CPU on process (when not run from SciTe). Valik Bug AutoIt
#153 Running process with $STDOUT_CHILD kills ConsoleWrite. Valik Bug AutoIt
#155 Auto resize of GUICtrlCreateGraphic control notify area. (?) Bug AutoIt
#169 GUIRegisterMsg return value Valik Bug AutoIt
#178 GUIRegisterMsg: change of behaviour in WM_NCHITTEST message handler Jpm Bug AutoIt
#173 SysListView32 and, Gets different instance than Jon Bug AutoIt
#177 PixelGetColor third param not accepted (AutoIt error) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#185 Limit of GUI Controls -> (eat up CPU) Jon Bug AutoIt
#191 Aut2Exe adds aditional empty icon into EXE Bug Aut2Exe
#192 Version column on is outdated in "Create New Ticket" Bug Other
#549 ControlSend sometimes sends wrong text Bug AutoIt
#198 _FileReadToArray Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#205 [Vista64] PixelGetColor returns color of desktop picture instead of directX window Bug AutoIt
#209 Another guictrldelete win32 exception Bug AutoIt
#213 GUISetAccelerators doesn't work with enter Key from Jpm Bug AutoIt
#211 GUICtrlToolbar UDF: Button text accelerator prefix underscore disappears Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#214 Some GUI objects display about 3% smaller in build Jon Bug AutoIt
#215 Koda: Multimon: If secondary monitor is left of primary monitor, "Generate Code" Code window appears on right edge of primary window Bug Other
#217 AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui Bug Bug Other
#219 Accelerator tables and multiple GUI windows Jon Bug AutoIt
#222 GUIRegisterMsg() and callback function "chains" Jpm Bug AutoIt
#223 GUIRegisterMsg() callback documentation... Bug Documentation
#230 Wrong GuiCtrlSetResizing after ControlMove in GUIs with Menus Jpm Bug AutoIt
#232 StdoutRead with peek = true doesn't exits loop Bug AutoIt
#235 _GUICtrlListView_AddItem() VS GUICtrlCreateListViewItem() + Fix. Bug AutoIt
#243 ListView control on Tab and WM_NOTIFY Event error + reproduction. Bug AutoIt
#252 Control focus changing when window loses/regains focus Jon Bug AutoIt
#248 StringStripWS Helpfile incomplete Bug Documentation
#251 GUIRegisterMsg return bug regression Jon Bug AutoIt
#254 GUIGetCursorInfo does not return the correct primary/secondary down info Jon Bug AutoIt
#256 Multiple windows and tab controls Jon Bug AutoIt
#257 Memory allocation error when lots of ram still available. Bug AutoIt
#259 _ArraySort UDF not returning 1 on succes, Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#260 _ArrayToString, Return Value, Success: 1 Jpm Bug Documentation
#276 $GUI_DISABLE on a control blocks OnEvent ESC button msg Bug AutoIt
#284 help file error Jon Bug AutoIt
#285 UDF Misc - _ChoosColor broken with Autoit Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#286 _GUICtrlReBar_AddBand() UDF: controls move off rebar bands after beta Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#292 _EventLog__Clear() Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#293 using CLASS and TEXT together... Bug AutoIt
#294 Fix for _FileFreadToArray() Gary Bug AutoIt
#296 Random(1, 1, 1) Bug AutoIt
#299 _GUICtrlTab_SetItemText text display problem Gary Bug AutoIt
#300 to jon, "using CLASS and TEXT together..." Bug AutoIt
#301 to, Valik Bug AutoIt
#302 to, Valik 2 Bug AutoIt
#303 Clock.au3 sample needs fixing Gary Bug AutoIt
#304 subtract of @MIN results in negative value Bug AutoIt
#305 GuiCtrlCreateCombo and GUICtrlSetFont causing highlight Jpm Bug AutoIt
#306 Wrong Error message when a variable is not an array Bug AutoIt
#308 Controls embedded in statusbar lose theire position if GUI is minimised and then restored. Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#309 runas() from a network path Valik Bug AutoIt
#312 Cannot create dynamic arrays $foo[$bar] Bug AutoIt
#313 DirMove on same volume Bug AutoIt
#314 FileCreateShortcut cannot create for non-existing Universal Naming Path Jon Bug AutoIt
#315 GUICtrlSetOnEvent() doesn't work if there are too many controls on one form Bug AutoIt
#316 _Singleton sample invalid Jpm Bug AutoIt
#317 ShellExecute/ShellExecuteRun verb-keyword "run" missing in helpfile. Bug AutoIt
#318 GUICtrlSetTip problem on TreeViewItem Jpm Bug AutoIt
#319 BitOR gives error Bug AutoIt
#320 _WinNet_EnumResource Bug. + Fix. Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#321 _GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText() --> truncation on Unicode Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#325 Radio menu items not firing events Jpm Bug AutoIt
#327 SciTE/Tidy bug. False message: "endfunc" is closing previous "if" Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#329 #RequireAdmin Bug AutoIt
#330 ControlSend Bug? Bug AutoIt
#331 menuradioitem is not work? Bug AutoIt
#334 Sqlite UDF and Vista64 Bug AutoIt
#337 TraySetIcon causes read only error Bug AutoIt
#339 GUICtrlDelete() crashes at special occasions. Jpm Bug AutoIt
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