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#3002 Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01' Bug Standard UDFs
#3007 Make {} the empty map. Feature Request AutoIt
#3008 texting on a notepad Feature Request AutoIt
#3010 Au3Info - Double Click on Listview in "Control" Tab Feature Request Au3Info
#3013 Forum Intelligent Seach Feature Request Other
#3014 Intelligent Forum Search Feature Request Other
#3015 Object Schedule.Service Bug AutoIt
#3016 FileSetPos() not used in FileSetPos() example Bug Documentation
#3017 The largest negative integer value we misinterpret Bug AutoIt
#3019 #2LOYPRUVG Bug AutoIt
#3020 ObjGet() crashes -1073741819 Bug AutoIt
#3022 EnvSet(0 help typo Bug Documentation
#3024 AutoItTools.lua Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3025 AutoItTools.lua Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3029 _DateDiff() additional help Bug Documentation
#3030 _Timer_SetTimer: example with $sTimerFunc parameter Bug Documentation
#3032 AutoIt allows nonsense preceding expression Bug AutoIt
#3035 _FileListToArrayRec: new switch for (protected system files) Feature Request AutoIt
#3036 _Timer_SetTimer parameter explanations Bug Documentation
#3043 FOR..IN..NEXT loop completes before processing all Outlook maillitems Bug AutoIt
#3044 Language reference > Variables and Constants Feature Request Documentation
#3045 String constants: ' and " Feature Request Documentation
#3048 DllStructCreate strange bug Bug AutoIt
#3049 Cross-referencing to assist in finding UDFs in the help Feature Request Documentation
#3053 Different file size after Encrypt-Decrypt file Bug Standard UDFs
#3056 Ctrl_Alt_F5 SyntaxCheck Beta doesn't work in SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3058 _WinAPI_IOCTL: New See Also link Bug Documentation
#3059 Miscelaneous => Miscellaneous in Help : Typos Bug Documentation
#3060 "Function notes" in helpfile - remarks about @extended Feature Request Documentation
#3062 AuCheck didn't catch ' without & Bug AutoIt
#3064 Ping timeout is longer than set by par2 Bug AutoIt
#3065 _Crypt_EncryptFile BUG - creating 1 kb file with wrong decryption password. Bug AutoIt
#3066 _Crypt_EncryptFile - creating 1 kb file with wrong decryption password. Bug AutoIt
#3067 1 line If...Else Statement Feature Request AutoIt
#3070 F1 not opening AutoIt help Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3074 Regwrite can't write a big lenght in binary. Bug AutoIt
#3076 Track Default Au3 Version Feature Request Other
#3077 Update online beta documentation Bug Documentation
#3080 ArraySwap: Parameters clarification Bug Documentation
#3082 State that @extended can be only a interger in SetExtended documentation Feature Request Documentation
#3083 Release <> Beta -- Installer Feature Request Other
#3084 Fix file examples by replacing the FileCreate() function Bug AutoIt
#3088 ie.au3 readystate enums Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3089 Add cascading menus for contex menu intigration Feature Request AutoIt
#3090 Cascading submenus as an option Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3095 Resizing GUI Controls before showing GUI Bug AutoIt
#3096 Confusing error message when initializing default argument with undeclared variable Bug AutoIt
#3097 AutoIt crash with Objects Bug AutoIt
#3098 ObjEvent - @error - when no ErrorHanlder registered Feature Request AutoIt
#3100 IniRead typo Bug AutoIt
#3101 The SciTE download links are down Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#3102 AutoIt Crashes when reading an empty cell comment Bug AutoIt
#3103 _Timer_GetIdleTime not working properly in Windows 10 Bug AutoIt
#3108 function with optional parameters run via AdlibRegister() fails with "Variable used without being declared" Bug AutoIt
#3109 2x FileInstall in same line (in if statement) not working compiled Bug Aut2Exe
#3110 _ArrayUnique bug Bug AutoIt
#3111 Allow for parallel compilations Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3114 Array as an parameter for Call Function instead of n parameters Feature Request AutoIt
#3115 TCPRecv doesn't detect closed socket Bug AutoIt
#3118 StringSplit - NewFlag - case Feature Request Other
#3119 GUICtrlSetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#3121 NOT RESPONDING + SEARCH Brought me to you Bug AutoIt
#3122 _ArrayUnique() seem to be broken. Bug AutoIt
#3123 file WinAPIGdi.au3 missing from SCITE editor v3.5.4.0 download Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3124 ControlListView Not working on a 64 bit OS Bug AutoIt
#3125 ListView does not generate events when pressing Return Bug AutoIt
#3126 Drag&Drop not working on Windows 10 Bug AutoIt
#3127 PixelGetColor ignore third HWND parameter Bug AutoIt
#3129 AutoIt Wiki fails to generate tumbnails, PHP Error Bug Other Other
#3130 Crash since AutoIT3.3.14x on call COM-Object winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 Bug AutoIt
#3131 Add a "safe" modifier to ReDim to preserve Dimensions Feature Request AutoIt
#3132 Version Au3.3.14.2 in Track Feature Request Other
#3133 Win* functions to set @error or @extended flag in case of fail / timeout Feature Request AutoIt
#3137 FileRead() treats count parameter as bytes instead of characters for UTF-8 files Bug AutoIt
#3138 GUIRegisterMsg - add to chain Feature Request AutoIt
#3139 FileGetTime out by exactly one hour. Bug AutoIt
#3140 @error Description Feature Request Documentation
#3141 Wrong Screen Size Dimension Problem in Windows10 in Combination with the preferences „size of text apps and other items“ > 100% Bug AutoIt
#3142 Auto-Complete in SciTE Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3143 Beta Help File Option in SciTE Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3144 Givenchy Handbags, Givenchy Bags & Givenchy Antigo Bug AutoIt
#3145 ObjGet dont work Bug AutoIt
#3146 RegRead documentation incorrect or deprecated Bug Documentation
#3147 Kindly add some extra features to SciTE4AutoIt to make it a real IDE Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3148 Add new events to GUIGetMsg() Feature Request AutoIt
#3150 Add new functions to GuiListView UDF Feature Request AutoIt
#3151 TCPConnect() return always -1 on a public ip Bug AutoIt
#3152 FileCopy doesn't cope well with copying files with embedded spaces in their name to UNC destinations Jon Bug AutoIt
#3153 AU3Check to change SciTE console results output sequence Feature Request Au3Check
#3155 _Excel_RangeWrite with $bForceFunc=True doesn't transpose array Bug Standard UDFs
#3156 Help: _Excel_ColumnToLetter / _Excel_ColumnToNumber wrong example Bug Documentation
#3157 Run \ Runwait functions fail to run programs with the requested execution level set to requireadministrator in the program manifest Bug AutoIt
#3158 Ping() cached Bug AutoIt
#3159 ObjCreateInterface and BOOL type. Jon Bug AutoIt
#3162 RunWait command does not return the exit code of the program that was run on XP systems Bug AutoIt
#3163 Windows PE - Unknown software exeption 0xc000001d Bug AutoIt
#3164 problem with the function ToolTip COM Interface Jon Bug AutoItX
#3166 Error in Arrays wiki Bug Documentation
#3168 Missing constants from AutoItConstants.au3 Bug Other
#3169 Missing constants for WinGetState Bug AutoIt
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