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#112 Send() does not check key release Bug AutoIt
#22 Send() doesn't work when trying to Alt+Printscreen WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#1699 Send() in raw is not working in Windows 7 for the game Jon Bug AutoIt
#267 SendMessage/PostMessage as native AutoIt function Feature Request AutoIt
#1899 SendWindow Feature Request AutoIt
#2315 Server 2012 @OSVersion not correct Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3710 Server 2019 @OSVersion not correct Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3849 Server 2022 @OSVersion returns WIN_2019 Jon Bug AutoIt
#3528 Set Affinity to more than 32 Cores Bug AutoIt
#757 Set defaults for MouseClick()'s x/y parameters Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#2345 Set font in _ArrayDisplay to allow displaying of unicode characters Feature Request Standard UDFs
#2755 SetError - Description Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#2730 SetError - Return Value - undefined ? Bug Documentation
#2641 SetError and SetExtended - range for 32bit guinness Bug Documentation
#3562 SetError fails if a function is called before returning Bug AutoIt
#3828 SetError() and SetExtended() - broken link to Return in Related Jpm Bug Documentation
#1123 SetError(), SetExtended(), default return value. Bug Documentation
#2237 SetError/Extended returns 1 if return value is omitted Bug AutoIt
#1034 SetLocale()? Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1929 SetMenuColor() does not work on 64bit OS Jon Bug Documentation
#26 Setting Color with words Feature Request AutoIt
#3854 Setting Control Color has unintended consequences in GUI Bug AutoIt
#1084 Setting for mouse default speed Feature Request AutoIt
#683 Setting new text with _GUICtrlTab_SetItemText Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1413 Shared file access flags behavior change in FileOpen Bug AutoIt
#1922 Shell.Explorer.2-Object and cancel Navigation with BeforeNavigate2 fails Bug AutoIt
#1618 ShellExecute("C:\") causes script hanging Bug AutoIt
#684 ShellExecute() should return ProcessId instead of 1 if all is OK. Feature Request AutoIt
#1583 ShellExecute() verb "properties" does not work as expected Valik Bug AutoIt
#317 ShellExecute/ShellExecuteRun verb-keyword "run" missing in helpfile. Bug AutoIt
#904 ShellExecuteWait Flag Bug Bug AutoIt
#2092 ShellExecuteWait() receiving incorrect error levels on Windows XP. Bug AutoIt
#55 Show function ToolTip in SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#699 Shutdown(5) Failing Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2579 Shutdown.txt - Link removed guinness Bug Documentation
#1497 Sign(<expression>) function Feature Request AutoIt
#1774 Simple Builtin Funktion to Get WinVersion Number Feature Request AutoIt
#3551 Simple Guidance For You In Sedumoxal. Bug AutoIt
#3896 Single non-ANSI character failure in BinaryToString Bug AutoIt
#206 Sleep Documentation Incorrect Bug Documentation
#1316 SleepUntilTime($hour, $min, $sec) and RunOnTime($hour, $min, $sec, "UserFunction") Feature Request AutoIt
#2036 Small error in GuiListView.au3 trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#3033 Small mistake in _Excel_PictureAdd() Help File BrewManNH Bug Documentation
#261 Small type in Macro Reference - Directory Jon Bug Documentation
#1333 Some AUTOIT scripts does not work with SMS/SCCM Bug AutoIt
#214 Some GUI objects display about 3% smaller in build Jon Bug AutoIt
#640 Some escape sequences from Help not supported? Jpm Bug AutoIt
#56 Some features for discussion Feature Request AutoIt
#2808 Some memory leek issue with assigning value to variable Bug AutoIt
#3791 Sort arrow not showing in _ArrayDisplay() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1887 Sort multiple or multi-dimensional arrays with multiple sort columns Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#2011 Sorting the list by clicking the column name Feature Request AutoIt
#1798 Sound alert Feature Request Other
#1928 SoundPlay does not work after FileOpenDialog Bug AutoIt
#268 SoundSet()/SoundGet() Feature Request AutoIt
#393 SoundSetWaveVolume() doesn't do anything. Valik Bug AutoIt
#2703 Soundsetvolume doesn't work with object Bug AutoIt
#858 Source code small change of StringSplit( ) Bug AutoIt
#859 Source code small change of UDF _StringExplode( ) Bug AutoIt
#3664 Spam Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#3186 Special characters change after filewrite to *.csv Bug AutoIt
#1869 Specify UDP Source Port Feature Request AutoIt
#3516 Specify types of parameters of _Crypt_EncryptData Jpm Bug Documentation
#820 Speed enhancement to _FileListToArray Gary Feature Request Future Release Standard UDFs
#2555 Spelling error guinness Bug Documentation
#1742 Spelling error found in help file Jpm Bug Documentation
#1621 Spelling error in TCPStartup remarks Jpm Bug Documentation
#98 SplashImage (or GUI) without border Feature Request AutoIt
#2439 SplashImageOn - Bug - Parameters description guinness Bug Documentation
#1018 SplashImageOn example not correct for Vista Bug Documentation
#2718 SplashOff - example proposal Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1844 SplashTextOn crops variable when used with opt 32 and @CRLF / @LF Jon Bug AutoIt
#334 Sqlite UDF and Vista64 Bug AutoIt
#2635 Sqlite don't work with windows 2008 R2 Bug AutoIt
#1220 Sqrt does not return 0 on negative parameter, documentation says otherwise Jpm Bug Documentation
#1689 Standard _Debug UDF functions and Obfuscator Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3082 State that @extended can be only a interger in SetExtended documentation Feature Request Documentation
#2593 Static & Global Feature Request Au3Check
#910 Static Right justified text Bug Future Release Documentation
#2518 Static evaluates incorrect Jon Bug AutoIt
#508 Static variables Nutster Feature Request AutoIt
#1369 Static.au3 example not working Bug Documentation
#726 Statusbar not visible in a window created with $ws_popup and with a menu Bug AutoIt
#1044 StdErr constants for Run() Bug Documentation
#367 StdOutRead Error in compiled program Valik Bug AutoIt
#3135 StdioClose with $STDERR_MERGED memory leak Jon Bug AutoIt
#3722 StdoutRead example is incorrectly parsing input and outputs incomplete information Jos Bug Documentation
#638 StdoutRead function returns null character mid string in default text mode Bug AutoIt
#636 StdoutRead function seems to now miss data on public and beta releases Bug AutoIt
#637 StdoutRead function seems to now miss data on public and beta releases Bug AutoIt
#152 StdoutRead maxes CPU on process (when not run from SciTe). Valik Bug AutoIt
#1512 StdoutRead no correct output with german language OS Bug AutoIt
#514 StdoutRead seems broken on latest public & beta Bug AutoIt
#232 StdoutRead with peek = true doesn't exits loop Bug AutoIt
#2682 StdoutRead[2].au3 - proposal Feature Request Documentation
#1776 Strange MustDeclareVars Behavior Bug AutoIt
#394 Strange TreeView behaviour, 2 different problems. Bug AutoIt
#3588 Strange behavior of RunAs() Bug AutoIt
#2240 Strange behavior of TimerDiff Bug AutoIt
#1972 Strange behavior with ControlClick and deactivated button on AutoIt GUI Bug AutoIt
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