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#737 GuiCtrlCreateTabItem with Tooltips: not all tabs send WM_NOTIFY; wrong tooltips Bug AutoIt
#736 Case proper for non-latin chars doesn't working Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#735 Resizing GUI after _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl() causes control to disappear Bug AutoIt
#734 Docs update for StringRegExpReplace() Valik Feature Request Documentation
#733 Docs mistake in _GUICtrlButton_SetImage/List() Gary Bug Documentation
#732 AutoUpdateIt.au3 Valik Bug Other
#731 GUIWrapper Add required Constants *.au3 to your scripts changes #AutoItWrapper_Run_After Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#730 Application Crash Global as Binary Bug AutoIt
#729 trac does not support login Bug Other Other
#728 _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd Change Feature Request AutoIt
#727 Optional parameter not declared when func called via OnEventMode Bug AutoIt
#726 Statusbar not visible in a window created with $ws_popup and with a menu Bug AutoIt
#725 How to Search a Text in a Screen Capture from AutoIT Bug AutoIt
#724 Add Identification of file executed Feature Request AutoIt
#723 Structure problem Bug AutoIt
#722 Execute will crash when using a string with spaces. Bug AutoIt
#721 _Atan2() returns wrong Bug AutoIt
#720 more GUICtrlCreateGraphic()/GUICtrlSetGraphic($GUI_GR_LINE) - repainting problem Bug AutoIt
#719 Problem with GuiCtrlCreateGraph Bug AutoIt
#718 Call() function claims "function doas not exist" if function was called with wrong number of arguments Feature Request AutoIt
#717 _EventLog__Report is crashing script Bug AutoIt
#716 decimal subtraction bug Bug AutoIt
#715 Math error Bug AutoIt
#714 Radical(i1,i2,iN) Feature Request AutoIt
#713 FileInstall() to accept macros and environment variables. Feature Request AutoIt
#712 enhanced PixelSearch - search direction & logical mask Feature Request AutoIt
#711 Combobox functions does not work properly or even at all, on Windows 2000 & NT 4.0 Bug AutoIt
#710 UDF for port access Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#709 WinGetTitle() returning '[SOH]' character, instead of title of target window. Bug AutoIt
#708 ControlGetText() does not work properly. Bug AutoIt
#707 _GUICtrlMonthCal_Create Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#706 Ability to read QWidget Controls would be nice to have Feature Request AutoIt
#705 _GUICtrlToolbar_ClickButton() function does not always click on buttons Gary Bug AutoIt
#704 _GUICtrlTab_ClickTab() function does not always click on tab button Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#703 _GUICtrlListBox_ClickItem() function does not always click on List Box item Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#702 _GUICtrlListView_ClickItem() function does not always click on List View item Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#701 _GUICtrlListView_ClickItem() function does not always click on List View item Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#700 _GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem() function does not always click on Tree View item Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#699 Shutdown(5) Failing Jpm Bug AutoIt
#698 RunAs/RunAsWait Bug - Blank Passwords Bug AutoIt
#697 Process Close Randomly Not Working Bug AutoIt
#696 Autoit Vista 64bit Bug AutoIt
#695 FileMove returns an error code of 0 for failure AND for success Bug AutoIt
#694 _SQLite_FetchNames Bug AutoIt
#693 Error in _DateTimeFormat() function Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#692 Tidy crashes on long lines Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt
#691 Not equal <> condition with OR gives wrong result Bug AutoIt
#690 Problems with Run and chkdsk Valik Bug AutoIt
#689 @DesktopDir macro introduces unwanted characters at times. Bug AutoIt
#688 Built-in function to compare colors Feature Request AutoIt
#687 @Unicode Bug Documentation
#686 Make Application's librairy Feature Request AutoIt
#685 Add fonctionnality to Autoit Feature Request AutoIt
#684 ShellExecute() should return ProcessId instead of 1 if all is OK. Feature Request AutoIt
#683 Setting new text with _GUICtrlTab_SetItemText Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#682 Remove 64K line limit for FileReadLine() Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#681 Document 64KB line limit for FileReadLine() Bug Documentation
#680 Listview and image background problem Jon Bug AutoIt
#679 FileReadLine function only read 65534 characters at a time. Jpm Bug Documentation
#678 MAX_LINESIZE confine arrays Bug AutoIt
#677 ControlGetHandle/ControlListView on .Net Listview crashes/not working with Vista64 Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#676 autoit(exe) exiting when reciving audio from www with bass.dll Bug AutoIt
#675 Bug in _Date_Time_CompareFileTime Bug AutoIt
#674 _GUICtrlTab_ClickTab() Clicks in the wrong place when $fMove = True Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#673 Wrong priority of logic operators Bug AutoIt
#672 _StringAddThousandsSep Bug AutoIt
#671 Hard crash when using $WS_EX_MDICHILD Valik Bug AutoIt
#670 Listviews with checkboxes doesn't work "properly" my opinion Bug AutoIt
#669 Bad description Valik Bug Documentation
#668 _FileGetCommonPath & _FileArrayGetCommonPath Feature Request AutoIt
#667 Forum, opening (preview-linked) Image window to small. Bug Other Other
#666 Ability to wait on a Mutex Feature Request AutoIt
#665 _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth et al. lack proper typecasting in GUICtrlSendMsg Bug AutoIt
#664 SciTE Magnifying (Zooming) doesn't properly update horizontal scrollbar Bug AutoIt
#663 AU3_PixelChecksum returns 0x80000000 if more than that Jon Bug AutoItX
#662 ListView setting $LVS_EX_FLATSB flattens header only instead of scrollbars Bug AutoIt
#661 Disable "Beep" using MsgBox Feature Request AutoIt
#660 Unicode version for Au3Check Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#659 FileSelectFolder does not return full path is selecting a network places folder Valik Bug AutoIt
#658 Multiple desktops support Feature Request AutoIt
#657 _IECreate brings up Outlook Express instead of Internet Explorer Bug AutoIt
#656 _FileCountLines and AutoIt v3.2.13.9 (Beta) - wrong return on one line Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#655 Suggestion: DllCall for pointers Feature Request AutoIt
#654 Listview subentry request Feature Request AutoIt
#653 _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle Bug AutoIt
#652 _FileListToArray() does not returnarray if no file s found Bug AutoIt
#651 FileFindFirstFile FileFindNextFile _FileListToArray not support mulit-byte folder name Bug AutoIt
#650 Required BorderConstants.au3 not provided for _WinAPI_DrawEdge() Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#649 GDI+ After ALT-TAB image Disapers (Zoom.au3 and others) Bug AutoIt
#648 Ping doc alteration due to the server change Jpm Bug Documentation
#647 Compiler Parsing Bug AutoIt
#646 Call statement -- setting of @error Valik Bug AutoIt
#645 IniDelete 3rd param doesn't accept Default keyword Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#644 Can IniRead set @error for file/section/key not exist? Feature Request AutoIt
#643 whole array operations Feature Request AutoIt
#642 Beta helpfile not opening correctly Valik Bug Documentation
#641 ToolTip text is not wrapped Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#640 Some escape sequences from Help not supported? Jpm Bug AutoIt
#639 _IECreate - $f_takeFocus (bad description in doc) Bug Documentation
#638 StdoutRead function returns null character mid string in default text mode Bug AutoIt
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