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#3208 Changes in documentation for _Crypt_Hash* functions. Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1646 Change wording in help file Feature Request Documentation
#425 Change to the registy by the installer Feature Request Other
#1118 Change to _ArrayConcatenate Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#556 Change to SciTE4AutoIt3.exe installer. Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#825 Change the behaviour of DirMove() Feature Request AutoIt
#1407 Change the Trace Tools to use @ScriptLineNumber Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#2835 Change the TCP*() funktions to optional use non blocking ports. Feature Request AutoIt
#1645 Change stdinwrite() to asynchronous Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1429 Change return value of FileGetSize() on failure. Feature Request AutoIt
#2631 Change delimiters used in SciTE.session Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#2375 Change default return value for SetError and SetExtended Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#899 Change default "Open" verb for ShellExecute to allow support for all shortcuts. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1137 Change RegEnumKey/RegEnumVal error return to be more sensible. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#387 Change DllCallbackFree() to check handle validation or erase it Jon Bug AutoIt
#1637 Certain charactered missed by StringRegExp() and the replace Bug AutoIt
#2945 Center and right justified text broken on native buttons when colours set Jon Bug AutoIt
#736 Case proper for non-latin chars doesn't working Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1098 Case logical bug Bug AutoIt
#3090 Cascading submenus as an option Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#150 Can´t open hidden file Bug AutoIt
#2228 Cant post ?? Bug AutoIt
#1740 Cannot send Period (ASC 046) when using Italian OS Bug AutoIt
#312 Cannot create dynamic arrays $foo[$bar] Bug AutoIt
#3187 Cannot access forums. Bug Other
#2326 Cancel not detected in _WinAPI_GetSaveFileName() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3788 Can't we create empty 3D arrays Feature Request AutoIt
#1113 Can't use _ to ignore an empty line (using for array initialization) Bug AutoIt
#3653 Can't set value of element of nested array Feature Request AutoIt
#2994 Can't run _Excel_RangeFind example in Bug Standard UDFs
#3181 Can't press Alt+Tab when HotKeySet - Alt+Esc Bug AutoIt
#822 Can't find out if item in folder option is checked or not Bug AutoIt
#3557 Can't concatenate other strings to BinaryToString Bug AutoIt
#2980 Can't call a function in a map with the point operator [BETA] Feature Request AutoIt
#3523 Can't access array with _WM_COMMAND Bug Other
#2261 Can you include "ImageSearch" similiar to the one in AHK? I know there is a costum DLL Feature Request AutoIt
#644 Can IniRead set @error for file/section/key not exist? Feature Request AutoIt
#3862 Calling AutoItX.PixelSearch() throws access violation Jon Bug AutoItX
#14 Callback functions with parameter support. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#718 Call() function claims "function doas not exist" if function was called with wrong number of arguments Feature Request AutoIt
#3165 Call() function called with an empty array results in APPCRASH Jon Bug AutoIt
#3595 Call("Ubound", $array) crashes if $array is empty Bug AutoIt
#2363 Call with invalid proc regression Jon Bug AutoIt
#1549 Call to _SQLite_Escape causes exception abend in certain circumstances Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#646 Call statement -- setting of @error Valik Bug AutoIt
#2832 Call (["CallArgArray", ...]) doesn't modify ByRef arguments Feature Request AutoIt
#2364 Call with CallArgArray regression in beta Jon Bug AutoIt
#1715 Calculation for Easter to be added to Date.au3 Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#565 Calculate Membership in group or ranges Feature Request AutoIt
#415 CUI compiled scripts won't execute batch files properly Valik Bug AutoIt
#940 CPUArch macro is returning wrong processor architecture Bug AutoIt
#895 CPU intencive yet simple and powerful addition to PixelSearch Feature Request AutoIt
#896 CPU intencive yet simple and powerful addition to PixelSearch Feature Request AutoIt
#2502 COW optimization incorrect Jon Bug AutoIt
#2037 COM speed deterioration trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2749 COM Object Examples - proposal / fixed / question Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#3841 COM Error Handling Bug AutoIt
#3167 COM Error Handler - not always fires event Jon Bug AutoIt
#1658 COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#281 CLI and help Feature Request AutoIt
#1785 C-like syntax Feature Request AutoIt
#2220 C struct-like syntax Feature Request AutoIt
#3267 ByRef parameter with unnamed temporary variables Jos Bug Au3Check
#2713 ByRef Copy Bug Bug AutoIt
#3242 Buy_Backlinks defect AutoIt
#1218 Buttons appear flat Valik Bug AutoIt
#688 Built-in function to compare colors Feature Request AutoIt
#2417 Built help file errors guinness Bug Documentation
#1943 Build script to manage archived releases. Feature Request Other
#1696 Build in autoit Feature Request AutoIt
#1895 Bugs in _GUIScrollBars_Init() Jon Bug Standard UDFs
#390 Bugfix in visa.au3 Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1524 Bug: Helpfile INetGet return value Bug AutoIt
#751 Bug with StringSplit on ANSI platforms Bug AutoIt
#2674 Bug while compiling Au2exe.exe Bug Aut2Exe
#3640 Bug sound Windows 10 x64 with Scite Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1839 Bug of _GUICtrlTreeView_SetInsertMark Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2754 Bug in guiSetState( @SW_RESTORE, $gui ) .... Bug AutoIt
#833 Bug in function DllOpen () Bug AutoIt
#1580 Bug in example script for _GUICtrlRebar_Create() Jpm Bug Documentation
#1701 Bug in date control Bug AutoIt
#3582 Bug in _WinAPI_GetGUIThreadInfo with caret rectangle Jon Bug AutoIt
#1859 Bug in _WeekNumberISO? Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#2840 Bug in _Sound.au3 Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#675 Bug in _Date_Time_CompareFileTime Bug AutoIt
#2997 Bug in PCRE Jon Bug AutoIt
#2229 Bug in Obfuscator.exe v1.0.30.1 Bug Other
#745 Bug in INIReadSection function Bug AutoIt
#1907 Bug in AdlibRegister Bug AutoIt
#1970 Bug added to internal __FTP_ListToArray() guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1301 Bug InetGetSize through a proxy Bug AutoIt
#3002 Bug - _DateAdd('s', 1, '1970/01/01') Returns '1970/01/01' Bug Standard UDFs
#1260 Buffer overflow in _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage() Valik Bug Standard UDFs
#2923 Brokenlink in Help GUICtrlCreateEdit Jpm Bug AutoIt
#2388 Broken links in History Bug Documentation
#1246 Broken links in Helpfile Jpm Bug Documentation
#1025 Box-comment in SciTe Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#146 Boolean numeric conversion Bug AutoIt
#2336 Blockinput (1) not for WACOM Pen with Win8 Feature Request AutoIt
#1726 BlockInput(1) does not work on win7 Bug AutoIt
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