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#3555 _GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamToVar with > 2048 characters Bug Standard UDFs
#3556 Run, RunWait and similar calls fail with large amounts of data Bug AutoIt
#3557 Can't concatenate other strings to BinaryToString Bug AutoIt
#3558 TrayTip with icon always displays description of file or filename in traytip notice balloon Bug AutoIt
#3559 ArrayAdd item-delimited string erroneously stores Booleans as strings / Feature request func Bool() Feature Request AutoIt
#3560 parentheses around function refference fails when follwed by calling parentheses, triggers error: Statement cannot be just an expression. Jpm Bug Au3Check
#3561 Improved support for tk widgets Feature Request AutoIt
#3562 SetError fails if a function is called before returning Bug AutoIt
#3563 Function _IEBodyReadText() from IE.au3 needs to check .innerText is a valid property mLipok Bug AutoIt
#3564 With ...EndWith not robust Bug AutoIt
#3565 Unable to access windows authentication (Windows Security) popup on Internet Explore for Windows Server 2016 Bug AutoIt
#3566 FileChangeDir is changing @TempDir Bug AutoIt
#3567 Reading excel cell fail after manually using an other excel file Bug AutoIt
#3568 want to access file download dialog Bug AutoIt
#3569 CmdLine parameter charset Bug AutoIt
#3570 Array index statements are called twice when used in a assignment Bug AutoIt
#3571 (Beta) Map values are erased Jon Bug AutoIt
#3572 TCPSend can hang forever without returning an error Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3573 Unable to use backspace in GUI-controls with embedded IE object Bug AutoIt
#3574 $ES_PASSWORD limits input length to control width, Add note about using $ES_AUTOHSCROLL to Help File Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#3576 _PathSplit Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3577 _FileWriteToLine strips @crlf off last line for some files Bug AutoIt
#3579 Clarification of Help for DllStructGetData(): never returns an array Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#3580 FileSetAttrib - Crash on ROOT folders. Jon Bug AutoIt
#3581 Dot notation with DllStruct fails if the variable is a constant Bug AutoIt
#3582 Bug in _WinAPI_GetGUIThreadInfo with caret rectangle Jon Bug AutoIt
#3583 AutoIT Window Info (64) produces incorrect position numbers Bug AutoIt
#3584 Finder Tools does not seem to handle overlapped controls properly Bug Au3Info
#3585 pb _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort not sorting level 1 treeview -- With Solution Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3586 _ArraySwap, error in description of parameter $bCol Jon Bug Documentation
#3587 _ArrayAdd - do not add Bug AutoIt
#3588 Strange behavior of RunAs() Bug AutoIt
#3589 GDIPlus.au3 contains unecessary string conversions Bug AutoIt
#3590 Autoit product installation deleting all psmodulepath entries but its own Jon Bug AutoIt
#3591 Error in the RegExp Bug AutoIt
#3592 _ArrayAdd doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#3593 IsFunc() - check if function exist by string Feature Request AutoIt
#3594 Error in FTPEx.au3, Autoit version Bug AutoIt
#3595 Call("Ubound", $array) crashes if $array is empty Bug AutoIt
#3596 _ArrayAdd fails to add a specified value at the end of an existing 1D array Bug AutoIt
#3597 _EventLog__Read - sample script from helpfile (Undefinied func) Bug Standard UDFs
#3598 _EventLog__Report example doesn't compile. Bug AutoIt
#3599 _WinAPI_ShowCursor does not hide the cursor. Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3601 _WinAPI_GetPwrCapabilities - Example Script not working correctly. Jon Bug Documentation
#3602 _PathSplit Strip Blanks Bug AutoIt
#3603 _FileListToArrayRec does not accept leading dot in path name Bug AutoIt
#3604 _ArrayAdd( .... ) doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#3605 the function _GUICtrlListView_SetBkImage() does not accept control ID Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3606 CheckForUpdates pop up error at start Bug AutoIt
#3607 Run command is broken with @SW_HIDE flag Bug AutoIt
#3608 SciTe shows wrong parametrs Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3609 SQLite3.dll can't be loaded! Bug Standard UDFs
#3610 STOP BULLYING ME! Bug AutoIt
#3611 _GUICtrlListView_SetBkHBITMAP() Jpm Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3612 AutoUpdateIt Bug AutoIt
#3613 New Macro @ScriptFunction Feature Request AutoIt
#3614 $Version previously declared as a Const Bug AutoIt
#3616 _WinAPI_GetVersion - No Return Value for Windows 10 in the helpfile / documentation Bug Documentation
#3617 Hot Strings Feature Request AutoIt
#3618 x86 or x64 for $tagNMTVKEYDOWN pb align Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3619 Return value of _WinAPI_LocalFree() is not consistent with what the documentation says Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3620 _ArraySort on 2D is not stable but the documentation says it is Melba23 Bug Documentation
#3621 Mistake/(outdated info?) in help file 'Running Scripts' Melba23 Bug Documentation
#3622 AU3_ControlCommandByHandle FindString in ListBox Bug AutoIt
#3623 Problem with au3Stripper Bug Other
#3624 Ternary statement cannot be just an expression. Bug Au3Check
#3625 DllStructGetData() does not retrieve whole string containing null characters from array of WCHARs/CHARs Bug AutoIt
#3626 Examples not working Jpm Bug Documentation
#3627 Feature Request: AutoItWinGetHandle() Feature Request AutoIt
#3628 _WinAPI_GetCaretPos() does not work Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3629 Line Number in Arraydisplay Feature Request AutoIt
#3630 Superscripting attribute in the Rich Edit control doesn't work Feature Request AutoIt
#3631 StringRegExp - metacharacter "\R" in square brackets behaves incorrectly Bug AutoIt
#3632 The second parameter for _Net_Share_ShareCheck is incorrectly documented and inconsistent with related functions Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3633 _GUICtrlRichEdit_FindText does not flag failure to find CR Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3634 _FileListToArray error codes Feature Request AutoIt
#3636 Prevent Ampersand Mnemonic from SplashTextOn Dialog Jos Feature Request AutoIt
#3637 _ArrayDisplay : error when Array is empty and Range parameter exists Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3638 _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText online documentation error Bug Documentation
#3640 Bug sound Windows 10 x64 with Scite Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3642 AutoItX/ControlTreeView - wrong example in HelpFile Jpm Bug Documentation
#3643 For...To...Step...Next - variable is NOT (see Remarks in AutoIt Help) in Local scope! Bug AutoIt
#3644 ArrayDisplayInternals.au3 - used magic numbers as constants Bug Standard UDFs
#3645 StringRegExpSplit Feature Request AutoIt
#3646 unclosed comments start directive inside of comment section results in error Bug AutoIt
#3647 Ghost border artifact with _GDIPlus_ImageResize Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3648 _ISPressed not working with "GUI_WS_EX_PARENTDRAG" Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#3649 Add the word glob to docs for search engines Jos Feature Request Documentation
#3650 Image size off-by-one error with_GDIPlus_ImageResize Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3651 AutoIT3 Wrapper error after installing new version Bug AutoIt
#3652 Window Bug Bug AutoIt
#3653 Can't set value of element of nested array Feature Request AutoIt
#3654 _IECreateEmbedded isn't accessibil with screen readers Feature Request AutoIt
#3655 we need more protection on aut2exe Feature Request Aut2Exe
#3656 PCRE updates and security issues Feature Request AutoIt
#3657 Incorrect behaviour while using _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort when no items are selected Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#3658 Problem Number Bug AutoIt
#3659 InetClose() always return "False". Jon Bug AutoIt
#3661 Creating a button: want to know where it ends Feature Request AutoIt
#3662 Additional Parameter for FileGetTime() to return the milliseconds as well Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
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