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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#402 Execute crashe on failure in production version Bug AutoIt
#403 Different results for both for loops Bug AutoIt
#404 the time of the Sleep() command is vague Bug AutoIt
#405 GUI bug Bug AutoIt
#406 GUI include file bug! Bug AutoIt
#407 Document For...In is read-only for AutoIt arrays Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#408 inetGet will not download from https with bad certificate Valik Bug AutoIt
#409 Checkbox check goes to Select Case while not programmed to do so Bug AutoIt
#410 Have installation of Scite editor optional Feature Request Other
#411 Topmost option Feature Request AutoIt
#412 HotKeys do not function if explorer.exe is not running. Bug AutoIt
#413 GUICtrlHotKeySet -Hot key input box GUI control. Feature Request AutoIt
#414 Better OnAutoItStart/OnAutoItExit handling Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#415 CUI compiled scripts won't execute batch files properly Valik Bug AutoIt
#416 Ability to Hide all errors (or write them to a log) Feature Request AutoIt
#417 Changing function parameters on a function call Bug AutoIt
#418 GUICreate: $WS_EX_LAYERED documentation error Bug Documentation
#419 FileInstall - tip for path to source in current directory Valik Feature Request Documentation
#420 Scope bug or mis-wording in documentation Bug AutoIt
#421 Error in reading status of Radio Button Bug AutoIt
#422 _GDIPlus_GraphicsSetSmoothingMode Failure Gary Bug AutoIt
#423 samples Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#424 _Dec64() Feature Request AutoIt
#425 Change to the registy by the installer Feature Request Other
#426 Compability with cryptors & packers Feature Request AutoIt
#427 add latest SciTE info to Feature Request Other
#428 avast antivirus blocking autoit as a virus Bug AutoIt
#429 shellexecute() new feature Feature Request AutoIt
#430 Deleting disabled image controls hard crashes AutoIt Bug AutoIt
#431 General help and support forum request. Feature Request Other
#432 new version au3 always UPX compresses Bug AutoIt
#433 Au3Check unexpected behaviour Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#434 small mistake in documentation for _IECreate function Valik Bug Documentation
#435 MyProg.exe (Not Responding) Bug AutoIt
#436 Aut2Exe more efficient from command line? Valik Bug Aut2Exe
#437 InetGet in background mode - loop not responding when site overloaded Bug AutoIt
#438 Vista 64: ProgramDir Bug Future Release Documentation
#439 ping function doesnt work for vista Bug AutoIt
#440 EOF character at end of script causes parse error. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#441 Proposed changes to _StringAddThousandsSep() Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#442 Proposed changes to _StringAddThousandsSep() Valik Feature Request Standard UDFs
#443 Return Tag String for Structure Feature Request AutoIt
#444 Clone Structures with Data and Tags Feature Request AutoIt
#445 SubStructure Support in Structure Tags Feature Request AutoIt
#446 OnAutoIt and SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#447 Display AutoIT Version infromation in About Screen Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#448 Make AutoIt harder to extract embedded script Feature Request Aut2Exe
#449 Problems with XP x64 redirection Jpm Bug AutoIt
#450 SciTE4AutoIT - Export to PDF Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#451 GUICtrlCreateCombo don't show items on Windows 2000 Bug AutoIt
#452 virus found in v3.2.12.1 released (12th June, 2008) Bug AutoIt
#453 ControlSend dont work properly Bug AutoIt
#454 FileRead handle files as UTF-8 even BOM is missing Feature Request AutoIt
#455 Request new feature guictrlgetbkcolor Feature Request AutoIt
#456 simple drawing commands Feature Request AutoIt
#457 I'm a moron and like to swear in ticket titles. Jos Bug Standard UDFs
#458 ($var == '')=true for, Array, DllStruct.(?) Bug AutoIt
#459 need run under pure dos Feature Request AutoIt
#460 Better error display during Aut2Exe Valik Feature Request Aut2Exe
#461 StringReplace to include right-to-left functionality Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#462 Send() can't send Unicode characters. Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#463 date.au3 library // _DateToMonth() Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#464 GUICtrlCreateAvi on Windows Vista Valik Bug AutoIt
#465 _DateTimeSplit() results cause erroneous calc results when "Seconds" is missing Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#466 _ArraySort sucks ass Bug AutoIt
#467 Pass data to a function defined in GUISetOnEvent Feature Request AutoIt
#468 Milliseconds Macro Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#469 0x8007007E error when compiled 32 bit. OK when compiled 64 bit. Bug AutoIt
#470 Displaying '&' symbol in TraySetToolTip() Bug AutoIt
#471 Typo error in Helpfile _Excel* examples Bug AutoIt
#472 @ScriptDir returns a slash (\) when script run from root Bug AutoIt
#473 Suggested modification to the internal RunWait command Feature Request AutoIt
#474 About help Feature Request Au3Info
#475 StringSplit() does not honor flag 2 when using "" (empty) as delim Valik Bug AutoIt
#476 Function Trace lines have to be removed manually Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#477 Extract values from array at function runtime Feature Request AutoIt
#478 Koda (FormDesigner) Bug Other
#479 soundplay don't work always Bug AutoIt
#480 soundplay don't work always Bug AutoIt
#481 Add margin parameter to SplashTextOn Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#482 AutoIt3.chm::/html/autoit_changelog.txt Valik Bug Documentation
#483 obsolete @ProcessorArch still in helpfile Valik Bug Documentation
#484 ObjGet failures Valik Bug AutoIt
#485 missing related links in helpfile Gary Feature Request Documentation
#486 ControlGetFocus and ControlGetHandle never return exact ControlRef# Bug AutoIt
#487 Associative arrays Feature Request AutoIt
#488 ObjGet() needs an instance parameter trancexx Feature Request AutoIt
#489 Add _GDIPlus_ImageSaveAddImage & _GDIPlus_ImageSaveAdd to GDIPlus.au3 Feature Request AutoIt
#490 Ability to have GUICtrlCreate... accept hide, show, enable and disable state options Feature Request AutoIt
#491 AU3Check and spaces in if statement Valik Bug Other
#492 Add to GDIPlus Image functions for retrieving frames from multi-frame images. Feature Request AutoIt
#493 GuiCtrlCreateDate Help example needs updating Valik Bug Documentation
#494 Add more resource functions to WinAPI.au3 Feature Request AutoIt
#495 _GUICtrlTreeView_GetTree returns only 1 parent Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#496 obsolete @Unicode macro still in helpfile Bug Documentation
#497 GUICtrlSetFont() does not work in a listview control Bug AutoIt
#498 Make AutoIt release with UDF fixes Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#499 Missing quotes from WinWaitActive causes crash Bug AutoIt
#500 _ChooseColor 64bit problems Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#501 ProcessGetStats Valik Bug AutoIt
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