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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#3692 SciTE v. - the function luaL_register has removed Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3693 Invalid File on downloads page Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3698 Problems Installing SciTE.exe Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3721 Extra option for collapsing a region or function Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3727 $VERSION not increased in compiled script with #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Au3Stripper=y Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3751 Abbreviation Manager with abbreviation [ Melba23 Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3769 automatic user UDFs and/or all included files calltips parsing Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3793 Add project explorer and open folder options in scite Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3798 SciTE4AutoIt incompatibilty with SSE instruction set Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#3845 Hotkeys don't work Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3851 Block Commented Includes Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3868 Directive #RequireAdmin can suppress ConsoleWrite/ConsoleWriteError output. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#3878 Tidy corrupts user defined include lines.. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3885 SciTe - Save As - Dropdown empty Jon Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3907 #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add not supporting UNC path for ICO file Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3908 using #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add with UNC path Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#3920 SciTE Jump: undeclared variable error in SciTE Jump.au3 Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#4 viewing post selection Jon Bug Other
#45 Resizing GUI after _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl (Marquee Progress bar) Gary Bug Other
#49 cSnippet.exe (outdated and no unicode version) Feature Request Other
#51 Problem with "Au3Check" and "IsDeclared" Bug Other
#65 Au3Check gives wrong error with Const ByRef params Valik Bug Other
#118 Obfuscator ( /striponly removing GUICreate() Jos Bug Future Release Other Other
#129 "Bugs" on the main Trac page (Jon's links do not work) Bug Future Release Other Other
#142 Get Array from LDAP-Field Feature Request Other
#165 'Check for Updates' on Vista x64 Jon Bug Other
#192 Version column on is outdated in "Create New Ticket" Bug Other
#215 Koda: Multimon: If secondary monitor is left of primary monitor, "Generate Code" Code window appears on right edge of primary window Bug Other
#217 AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui Bug Bug Other
#274 AutoIt V2 Website Bug Future Release Other Other
#278 Au3Check reporting syntax errors on dictionary object. Bug Other Other
#307 Add a link to Trac Feature Request Future Release Other
#386 Notification about "Announcements and Site News" on Italian Bug Other Other
#401 Karma / Thanks Mod Feature Request Other
#410 Have installation of Scite editor optional Feature Request Other
#425 Change to the registy by the installer Feature Request Other
#427 add latest SciTE info to Feature Request Other
#431 General help and support forum request. Feature Request Other
#478 Koda (FormDesigner) Bug Other
#491 AU3Check and spaces in if statement Valik Bug Other
#504 "au3check" doesn't handle special characters properly Jos Bug Other
#567 missing function Bug Other
#602 AutoitWrapper Methods for Handling 'Run After' Feature Request Other
#613 Obfsucator Stripping ObjEvent functions Bug Other
#667 Forum, opening (preview-linked) Image window to small. Bug Other Other
#729 trac does not support login Bug Other Other
#732 AutoUpdateIt.au3 Valik Bug Other
#766 Why was trac disabled? Feature Request Other
#792 Avatars are sometimes hdden Bug Other
#848 Tidy.exe - enhancement to '/rel : Remove empty lines from the source.' parameter Feature Request Future Release Other
#875 A UDF index online Feature Request Other
#929 form designer Feature Request Other
#976 InetGet with more than 2 params fails Au3Check Bug Other
#990 Wiki thumbnail creator broken Jon Bug Future Release Other Other
#1050 TextPad v5 syntax files Jpm Feature Request Other
#1138 XML Feature Request Other
#1151 cSnippet Error _GUIImageList_AddIcon: -1 Bug Other Other
#1192 Tidy.exe crashes - when long strings are assinged again? Jos Bug Other
#1210 'trac authentication not installed, refer to documentation' Bug Other
#1212 AutoIt v2 - web page - typo Jon Bug Other
#1219 Fix TracTicketDelete Valik Bug Future Release Other Other
#1221 SciTE has a limitation on properties files Jos Bug Other
#1225 OperationalError: database is locked Bug Other Other
#1230 Changes to the build process. Valik Feature Request Future Release Other
#1265 Au3Check support for Static Jos Feature Request Future Release Other
#1280 wrong lines in au3.api Valik Bug Other
#1313 Add Opt.htm page redirecting to AutoItSetOption.htm Bug Other Other
#1350 Obfuscator line excludes Feature Request Other
#1400 PB to extract an exe file (exe2Aut V3) Bug Other
#1423 Helpfile examples don't open anymore with the button. Valik Bug Other Other
#1575 AURecord 3.3 -creates invalid calls to _WinWaitActivate Jpm Bug Other
#1638 _Date_Time_FileTimeToStr wrong format output if $bFmt=1 Bug Other
#1663 Au3Recorder x64 does not work on x64 machines. Jpm Bug Other
#1681 Automate capture and apply partitioning in GimageX to address EFI firmware partition requirements. Jon Feature Request Other
#1798 Sound alert Feature Request Other
#1845 Forum bug Bug Other Other
#1852 WEBSITE: doesn't load in Firefox or Safari Bug Other Other
#1888 User Profile Bug Other Other
#1894 gimagex for AIK 3.0 Feature Request Other
#1900 Improvements for StringRegExpGUI Feature Request Other
#1941 Generate syntax files for Forum, Wiki Jos Feature Request Other
#1943 Build script to manage archived releases. Feature Request Other
#1993 Forum [autoit] code abbreviates URLs - it shouldn't Bug Other
#2021 FF.au3 Feature Request Other
#2063 site's search won't take keywords with less than 3 chars Bug Other Other
#2071 autoit-docs-v3.3.8.0-src.exe is missing Bug Other
#2083 AU3Record.exe error "missing MSVCR100.dll" when trying to run it Valik Bug Other
#2124 Au3RecordSetup(): Underscore is missing at the calling to the func, Error displayed. Bug Other
#2127 Obfuscator /striponlyincludes does not process block comments correctly Bug Other
#2151 integrate signtool in AutoIt3Wrapper Feature Request Other
#2229 Bug in Obfuscator.exe v1.0.30.1 Bug Other
#2256 RuntimeError: instance.__dict__ not accessible in restricted mode Bug Other
#2270 Auto It - slogan suggestions Feature Request Other
#2337 Au3Record: Unicode and endianness Jpm Bug Other
#2595 autoit.php guinness Feature Request Other
#2617 Incorrect multi-byte characters in "Au3Record.exe /o" Bug Other
#2649 AutoIt3 Source Obfuscator v1.0.31.1 bug Bug Other
#2658 AutoItWrapper - checking for space on disk Feature Request Other
#2792 Track - Version of AutoIt >> Feature Request Other
#2797 wrong download link Bug Other Other
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