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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#854 InetGetSize Bug AutoIt
#855 PixelGetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#856 _StringAddThousandsSep() prefixes some #'s with , Bug Future Release AutoIt
#857 MSGBOX not working properly Bug AutoIt
#858 Source code small change of StringSplit( ) Bug AutoIt
#859 Source code small change of UDF _StringExplode( ) Bug AutoIt
#862 DllStructCreate DllStructSetData Bug AutoIt
#863 DirMove() appends an extra dot in the name of the moved directory Jpm Bug AutoIt
#864 GUIOnEventMode bug Bug AutoIt
#865 winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 ObjEvent unhandled exception. Jon Bug AutoIt
#866 new function FileGetDir( ) Feature Request AutoIt
#867 UDPRecv no longer gives the sender IP Jpm Bug AutoIt
#869 @OSLang will not detect MUI enviroments Feature Request Future Release AutoIt
#870 Floating point error. Bug AutoIt
#871 Functionality to sort ListView Items on column header click. Feature Request AutoIt
#872 Re-Fix BugTrac #850: _ExcelReadSheetToArray() Bug AutoIt
#873 DLLCall crashes when characters \\.\ in parameters Bug AutoIt
#874 reading special keys (like alt, ctl etc) from an ini Bug AutoIt
#876 @error passthrough on 'Return' statements Feature Request AutoIt
#878 Windows PE and GimageX Feature Request AutoIt
#880 Run RunWait Error with Working Dir Parameter Bug AutoIt
#881 Au3Check Yacc stack overflow Jos Bug AutoIt
#883 ScrollBox Feature Request AutoIt
#884 Proxy mode 0 (use IE) and authentication Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#885 Investigate why Default compares true to False Valik Bug AutoIt
#886 Make it explicit that operator == is a forced string comparison. Valik Bug AutoIt
#888 error with Send("{}}") under winXP Jpm Bug AutoIt
#889 GUISetIcon() stops working after FileOpenDialog() Bug AutoIt
#890 inconsistence with objects and execute Bug AutoIt
#891 IE-Events are not viewable Bug AutoIt
#892 Request for ControlGetColor, ControlGetBkColor Feature Request AutoIt
#893 Generating a script / recording a script. Feature Request AutoIt
#894 StringToASCIIArray() with UTF-8 encoding gives wrong result Bug AutoIt
#895 CPU intencive yet simple and powerful addition to PixelSearch Feature Request AutoIt
#896 CPU intencive yet simple and powerful addition to PixelSearch Feature Request AutoIt
#897 StringToASCIIArray() does not work correctly with binary data. Valik Bug AutoIt
#898 More Detail in "AutoIt Error" window? Feature Request AutoIt
#899 Change default "Open" verb for ShellExecute to allow support for all shortcuts. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#901 Array in array Feature Request AutoIt
#903 _ExcelReadSheetToArray doesn't work with other MSoffice language than US Bug AutoIt
#904 ShellExecuteWait Flag Bug Bug AutoIt
#906 ActiveX Control on a GUI gets incorrect size information when queried Valik Bug AutoIt
#907 Local and Global varaibleas has no different Bug AutoIt
#908 GUICtrlSetImage needs wrong icon index to show needed icon Bug AutoIt
#909 WinActivate / WinExists / WinTitleMatchMode Title Bug Bug AutoIt
#911 MouseClickDrag speed patameter changes results Bug AutoIt
#912 Avarage Color Feature Request AutoIt
#913 Not get string from file (length ~1024) Bug AutoIt
#914 Not get string from file (length ~ 1024) Bug AutoIt
#915 Not get string from sile Bug AutoIt
#917 Funciton FileRecycleEmpty() hangs Bug AutoIt
#918 GUICtrlSetFont() and related Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#919 Binary() is ignored in ConsoleWrite() Valik Bug AutoIt
#920 StringInStr does not work correctly Bug AutoIt
#921 AutoIt is retrieving wrong values from Data Base (AS400 Data Base) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#922 $CmdLineRaw does not allow pipes ('|') Bug AutoIt
#924 _ArrayDelete removes last entry when element beyond Ubound is specified Jpm Bug AutoIt
#925 Text not put in file, if uncomment function "FileOpenDialog" Bug AutoIt
#926 Not read text from file OR function "msgbox" get value in clip if uncomment function "FileOpenDialog" Bug AutoIt
#927 $msg[2] = 0x00000000 in TreeView Bug AutoIt
#928 Using the power operator casts to int32 Bug AutoIt
#931 GuiCtrlSetResizing error with graphic controls Jpm Bug AutoIt
#932 Add additonal mouse event constants to WindowsConstants.au3 Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#933 FileGetVersion() generates error when File Version attribute values contain leading 0 Bug AutoIt
#934 MouseGetCursor consumes left mouse clicks Jpm Bug AutoIt
#935 WinSetState() lags Bug AutoIt
#937 TrayItemSetState() and TrayItemGetState() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#938 UDPOpen and/or UDPSend to doesn't work Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#939 IniRenameSection fails with "empty" section Bug AutoIt
#940 CPUArch macro is returning wrong processor architecture Bug AutoIt
#941 Changes to macro auto completion tips Bug AutoIt
#942 WinGetActive Feature Request AutoIt
#943 not correct prcocedure Bug AutoIt
#945 script hangs the pc if run multiple time Bug AutoIt
#946 Disable automatically generated msg mox alerts Feature Request AutoIt
#947 RegRead fails for the first try reading a key Valik Bug AutoIt
#948 _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused Bug AutoIt
#949 Add custom User Agent for InetGet function Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#950 ArraySort bug in some cases Bug AutoIt
#953 New Function request – WinServiceStop and WinServiceStart Feature Request AutoIt
#954 WinWaitActive("I/M Period End Processing",5) stalls autoit Bug AutoIt
#957 Assert keyword or function Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#959 GUICtrlGetState doesn't work for listview with enable flag Bug AutoIt
#961 RegDelete fails to to delete reg key containing sub keys Jon Bug AutoIt
#964 _ArrayCombinations() not returning expected results. Bug AutoIt
#965 ListViewItem not responding to SetOnEvent Bug AutoIt
#967 Inet functions need to support FTP through a proxy. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#968 AutoUpdateIt needs updated due to Inet changes. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#969 FileFindNextFile @extended = 0 for folder $Recycle.Bin Jpm Bug AutoIt
#970 I want the goto command back :| Jos Feature Request AutoIt
#971 Func _GetIP() issues Bug AutoIt
#973 _FileListToArray() Feature Request AutoIt
#975 GUICtrlCreateCheckbox() on tabs. Valik Bug AutoIt
#982 Checkbox backcolor in tab Bug AutoIt
#983 InetGet* functions failing under XP SP2 Valik Bug AutoIt
#984 Addition to @OSVersion Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#986 _GUICtrlMenu_EnableMenuItem: improved example Bug AutoIt
#987 Telnet capabilities Feature Request AutoIt
#988 TCP Send with URGENT bit active Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#992 Macros for all useful system user folders Feature Request AutoIt
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