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#3058 _WinAPI_IOCTL: New See Also link Bug Documentation
#3084 Fix file examples by replacing the FileCreate() function Bug AutoIt
#3100 IniRead typo Bug AutoIt
#3110 _ArrayUnique bug Bug AutoIt
#3115 TCPRecv doesn't detect closed socket Bug AutoIt
#3122 _ArrayUnique() seem to be broken. Bug AutoIt
#3156 Help: _Excel_ColumnToLetter / _Excel_ColumnToNumber wrong example Bug Documentation
#3168 Missing constants from AutoItConstants.au3 Bug Other
#3169 Missing constants for WinGetState Bug AutoIt
#3172 IniRead() function returns ANSI chars instead of Unicode Chars Bug AutoIt
#3185 Multiple FileInstall not working Bug AutoIt
#3195 Program crashes after repeated use of _IETableGetCollection Bug AutoIt
#3216 WinGetState, none of the states are declared. Bug AutoIt
#3234 Missing Online Documentation for Opt function. Bug Documentation Other
#3253 _GetIP() never get called in the first 5 minutes after pc restart Bug Standard UDFs
#3254 _GetIP() - The overload protection of the IP discovery sites dont work! Bug Standard UDFs
#3277 _IEFrameGetObjByName crashes Script after many uses on Win7 and newest AutoIt Version v3.3.14.2 Bug AutoIt
#3570 Array index statements are called twice when used in a assignment Bug AutoIt
#3592 _ArrayAdd doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#3596 _ArrayAdd fails to add a specified value at the end of an existing 1D array Bug AutoIt
#3598 _EventLog__Report example doesn't compile. Bug AutoIt
#3604 _ArrayAdd( .... ) doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#3612 AutoUpdateIt Bug AutoIt
#3736 _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort fails when there is just one item in TreeView Bug Standard UDFs
#3766 @IncludeScriptFullPath and @IncludeScriptName Feature Request AutoIt
#3770 Invalid calculation when using exponential form Bug AutoIt
#3897 incorrect arithmatic with Hex notation Bug AutoIt
#169 GUIRegisterMsg return value Valik Bug AutoIt
#201 DLLCall: $aRet[4] is invalid in AutoIT Jpm Bug AutoIt
#216 _DateDiff not recognized by SciTE Lexer Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1523 Au3Check support UNICODE and all Include file use unicode enc. Jos Feature Request Au3Check
#1868 Au3Record does not work on a x64 machine. Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2191 #Include not work from file saved in some UTF format Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#441 Proposed changes to _StringAddThousandsSep() Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#702 _GUICtrlListView_ClickItem() function does not always click on List View item Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1130 $tagNMLVKEYDOWN stuct not working in x64 OS Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1318 UDFs char/wchar --> bad numbers of bytes for _MemRead()/_MemWrite() Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1408 Date UDF Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1510 The $tagNMTVKEYDOWN structure Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1587 Modified Debug functionality Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1783 _Date_Time_FileTimeToStr with parm 1 error Gary Bug Standard UDFs
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